Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toyz Fair

Last week, I went to a Toy Fair at Citywalk. Well, actually it’s an event I don’t know the name. But I got a message from a friend that there’s a Doraemon booth. When I went there, I was kinda disappointed that it wasn’t official Doraemon booth.

Though, it didn’t have good enough stuffs, I was quite happy to be there and ate lunch at Sushi Groove for take-away sushi.

But sorry guys, if you wanna see it, coz the fair ended last Sunday. I won't be late posting about such happening again.


More toys..where I got the Doraemon and a weird cute stuff

Different side... really a long spot for a fair! There you can see the Green Lantern stuff, and Superheroes Action Figures. What surprise me was a complete action figures of Doraemon, that you could also find Jaiko, Giant's sister in the middle of the bunch of booths.

TOYZ...What more could I say?

While waiting for my take-away sushi to be ready, why didn't I take a pic?

Or maybe 2 pics?

California Roll? Yeap! As Sushi ordered no.1

Sushi No.2 Forgot the name

The chinese pink girl key-chain, the thing I told you as a weird stuff before

'The Winner Stands Alone'

And my Doraemon Japanese fan

For the next, Citywalk will have other booths. The author of ThunderPanda manage a booth selling cute greeting cards.

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