Friday, September 18, 2009

Final Destination 4

Year: 2009
Director: David R. Ellis
Cast: Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Nick Zano, Haley Webb, Mykelti Williamson
Genre: Thriller
Nick O’Bannon was with his friends by the side of a live race track showdown when he felt something was wrong with his surroundings. Then a vision of a deadly disaster, firstly caused by a race crash, involving his and his friends came up to him. He tried to stop everything that caused the terrible misfortune. Yet the accident happened! But the reality changed---Nick, his friends and some other spectators were alive and safe.
The story didn’t go-happy-ending. One by one, the people that Nick saved from the accident in the race track, died tragically with weird coincidences (careless actions – reactions). Nick and his girlfriend, Lori, googled about misfortune accidents and found that the bad luck chain would keep chasing the survivors to their death. Nick thought that he could break the chains of the bad luck by saving the rest of the survivors who were first to die in Nick’s first vision. Many fails, but their winnings didn’t mean a thing but their deaths.
My reviews: I can say ‘Two Thumbs Up’ for their effects and ideas of concepts and detail. The storyline would make your eyes stay awake from sleepy of boredom. Very scary? Yes… too much scary things on this movie. Myself, all I did during the movie was crying to JUST GO HOME without seeing the ending. All you see in the movie is the creativity of dying in very innovative way of every major character you got your eyes on.
I recommend this movie for you who like kind of movie that is harsh, full of violence or many computer effects, like old horror/thriller movie like Children of the Corn, Children of the Elm Street,and Candyman, latest movies in 2000s like House of Wax, the Hitcher, Freddie vs Jason, Saw, and the Condemned.
Best part: When Nick got the full vision for the second time, about their latest scene of death.
Worse part: Most of the tragic death.
Memorable quotes: Nothing memorable but screams.

Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) and Lori Milligan (Shantel VanShanten) in their 'almost' last chance to survive.

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