Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Title: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs
Released: 2009
Directors: Phil Lord and Chris Miller
Writers: Judi and Ron Barrett (Taken from a book)
Genre: Comedy/Family/Animation

“The world needs your originality”
Flint Lockwood is obsessed to be a scientist. When he was young, he invented a spray on shoes that he couldn’t take off forever, causing him to be the other kid’s bully of his nerdiness. His parents support him a lot, especially his mother, who gifts him a lab jacket that becomes his spirit. But 10 years after his mother’s death, Flint’s invention hasn’t succeeded yet. His conventional father keeps asking him to work with him in his tackle shop which Flint doesn’t like.
Meanwhile, the city Flint lives---a city in a little island under the first letter A of Atlantic Ocean in the map---Swallow Falls is having a problem. The sardines turn to inedible for no longer. The Mayor of Swallow Falls try to make a new change for the food the people in Swallow Falls can consume and change the city’s name into Chewand Swallow. Considering this issue, Flint tries to make an innovation to be the solution of the current of town’s problem. He succeeds!
He produces a machine which could turn water into food that served from the sky like rains. This invention helps Sam Sparks, the junior Weather Reporter, to rise in her career by reporting Flint’s invention. Sam seems to be more technically smart than Flint. Another of Flint’s inventions, like spray on shoes and translator gadget, astounds her anyway. Flint loves Sam so much, but doesn’t know how to show it. But he tries to make her happy with creating a Jell-O, Sam’s favourite food, in a form of castle.
More food Flint’s machine produces food, the sardines’ price gets less. Flint’s father’s shop is about to bankrupt. Flint’s father, Tim, isn’t happy with Flint’s inventions and says that it’s not good. As Flint’s popularity is risen, the Mayor takes the advantages of it, gets fatter, and Flint starts to lose his loved ones.
He wants more food with Flint’s invention and promotes Flints in returns. Bigger size of food the Mayor wants causes the machine out of control. The food it produces mutates into disaster and attacks people.
Flint, and Sam with the aids of many friends they have to stop the food disaster…
My review: Firstly, I wasn’t sure that it’s a good movie by seeing the poster and the title, but now I’ve changed my mind. It’s an unexpectedly wonderful imaginative cartoon movie!
This movie version of old children book story has a lot to share with us. The important of family and friends rather than anything else, what greed causes, and being yourself in reaching your dreams are taken in as the major points in the movie. It tells us as well that life doesn’t need popularity, though the story teaches us about to be accepted.
Good voice acting isn’t doubted. Anna Farris and Bill Hader are fantastic. The design of the characters are extremely fit with the personality…charming. The landscape and buildings are very creatively made. The idea has so many things we can’t reach in our mind, but it’s originally funny. Many unexpected scenes you might like and laugh without stopping.
I give you a clue, you might like Flint’s spray on shoes and translator gadget!
Best moments: The introduction of Flint’s laboratory.
The advertisements of Baby Brent’s Sardines.

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