Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny, Annoying then Tragic

So this week is kinda 'the week of disasters'. On Monday, after school at noon, I wanted to go to work and it was raining so bad. I thought it would be over soon, in an hour or two.

But it didn't happen...

Until it was time to go home from work, and I couldn't find a way to go through as the streets were in flood. Ugh... It took about one hour to one hour and a half to get home, while actually it usually takes only 20 - 30 mins. Damn...

When I got home, my tummy was completely hurt. It felt like ulcer, but I got well-scheduled eating time. So, it shouldn't be possible, yet it really happened. The stress I got from the flood and traffic caused this for sure. Thankfully, I got my meds and it's gone not long after that. It was just in time.

But, let's see ... what people said on Twitter! It was completely crazy... I was still lucky anyway. Some people got in traffic for 2 hours to 6 from home to work. One word: Fantastic! Some had to pay around Rp. 1 million ($US 100) for the taxi fare. It's sad, it's a 'wow' and it's funny!

The things got even funnier when Renny Sutiyoso was blamed for this. The traffic and worse flood was said that the TransJakarta development caused the mess. And Renny's father, Mr. Sutiyoso, was the former Jakarta's governor and the one who planned it.

In the kind of situation, still, there were some entertainments for you. Funny and  annoying. Imagine when you got in traffic and one of the causes is what your parents did. Get angry to your parents? Forget it!

It is rainy season or it should be. Considering the city hasn't changed that much to be better, flood is already predicted. Traffic? As long as you keep those Indo jetsetters alive in Jakarta, more keewwwll cars will cheer and crowd the street. This week, what we got in town? The car-bike-water mix! Enjoy....

The next day, scary things happened. From the second tsunami and eruption. Don't ask the casualties. It's a lot and it IS bad new. Not funny, annoying, but, yes, it IS tragic.

Anyway, I should stop here. Got a class to teach now..

See you,


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