Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a 'journo'...

I always love to write. Going to communication school (although I don't really enjoy the environment of social circle) isn't a big mistake. I learn many things in the big ocean called 'communication'.

Part of being in the ocean is... becoming a journo. As it's a communication school, sooo... having an internal media is a must! Transforming the students to be the reporter and photographer? Big exercise!

Tired? Yes! Stressed-out? No journo would say 'no' :)

What do we need? Commitment. How should we feel? Just enjoy it!

Well, there's a club in my school which has the function as an internal media. We provide newspaper (Gazette) and online news (LSPRisme Online). You can see on and my nick name there is Marcella under each news I wrote.

I will share my first article published on the print one!



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