Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kids' Castle

Castle's Overlook from a Skylift

Maybe you, Indonesians, might say that I'm a sad Jakartan if I say that a few months ago was the second or the third time I went back to TMII (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah). Ha! Yeap, it was, anyway. I got no choice. So in my age of 20 (20 years living in Jakarta as well) is the moment where is my first time being in Monas, and 2nd or 3rd time to TMII, but it is the first time being the castle in TMII.

Well, the look seems to be like Disney Castle, only it's not glowing, no M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, no Minnie, no Donald, no Pluto, no Goofy and also the boring Disney Princesses. The major aspect you're going to realize once you see the building that, it's red, brick-y, and, I can say, lack of beauty. Still, it was fun to be there. Taking pictures and weird short chit-chat with friends. And yeah, don't forget the very typical heat of the town.

From the gate of the castle, you got to pay for only Rp. 5,000 (if I'm not mistaken) so around 5 cents to $1. But before you reach the castle, for the entrance to TMII is quite ranging, it depends on whether you're adult or kids and what vehicle that takes you there. That time, I spent Rp 9,000,00 per person.

Inside of the castle is quite spacious and you can jump here and there as you want, as long as there aren't many people visiting =) But actually, I expected more amusements in the castle, as it was called 'Children's Castle'. What made it quite freaky was there were about two clowns in animal costume, like bunny, strolling around and smiling with their hands waving in the air. Heck, that's called clown, if they don't do those things, they're not. You guys can take pic with them, but I didn't want to. Too freaky! Blah...

When I got inside the castle I understand more why this country isn't good for kids, especially for lower middle class kids. It is the true the fact that this country never accommodates enough and appropriate amusements. Indonesia is more devoting itself for adult entertainments, like bar and nightclubs. Kids from middle to upper class would get better appropriate fun in their childhood in Jakarta, as they're Toys Kingdom in Grand Indonesia and Kidzania in Pacific Place.

Why I said so? Kids shouldn't be delivered with darkness spot and gloomy design. Well, the nice thing is the place is quite spacious as long as the whole Indo kids aren't visiting and making troubles, yet, the castle is seemed more to be a museum with playground at the backyard. It was quite dark, no exciting things as kids would get interested in! Yet, the colour inside the castle and darkness make a good tone composition if you take them with DSLR camera. Some little things that I like was the gothic and victorian style (if I'm not mistaken about this) on lamps, portrait frames and cravings.

What else? They provide clean 'service', I mean, trash bins, with nice way... with ANIMALS POSTURES. Somehow, I just don't like the idea to throw any garbage into animals' mouth. For some idiots, that way would only teach them to do bad things to real animals. Like throwing a real garbage  into real animals' mouth! Ok, I won't make things worse... those animals no matter what are very cute.

Cute? Yep! At first, I didn't believe they were trash bins. They deserved to be respected statues or whatsoever. Am I sounded overacting?

Here are some pics I took around the castle...

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  1. From the photo, I agree that it seems quite creepy rather than amusing... Wheew.. It's obvious, with the fact that they might think they have no reason to invest their money to improve the castle, as it won't give them much income anyway... I wonder how many people visit the castle each day...

    However, I like the first and the like picture. Nice angel :)

  2. "the first and the like picture" ---> the like? sorry.. i dont get it...
    and you mean, 'angle', not 'angel', right?


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