Friday, October 29, 2010

My Photographs Were Featured on SIMPONI's Blog

Whewww... I didn't realize that my pictures for SIMPONI's visit to LSPR were featured on their blog. So happy!

I was crazily googled my name and it appeared in their blog. Kak Gamulya, the manager of SIMPONI, creditted the pictures to me. Soooo thank you. I thanked him through email and he said nicely that it's code of ethics. I'm proud of him. And so grateful for using and posting my pics...

Briefly, SIMPONI is a community that tries to reach us to aware of environment issue, acknowledge the real situation and do something without being a celebrity to give the society a push. They're doing their mission in visiting many campuses to spread their cause and gather as much as possible the youngsters to join and re-building the environment together.

See more about SIMPONI on Facebook and Twitter.

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