Monday, October 25, 2010

A Night in Biased Town

I got an assignment for a documentary film. Lifestyle is the category I should make. Firstly, I chose the story of a life of a street performer. In Indonesia (not only here), there are so many things like that. They came out at day and night, earning money is so-called free-styled job. What I am talking here isn't a cool R n B or Hip Hop Dance you can find in French Quarter or a romantic Violist in Arles, but a guy (total guy and isn't a transgendered) who wants to act and dress like a woman and sings with a handmade music instrument.

It's not funny in Indonesia. But what about you who never come to Indonesia?

But, before filming, my friends and I decided to interview the person and see his whole story. By doing so, we know what angle we can put up. We only heard about this person and his simple story. On Saturday night, me and my friends went out to Kemayoran, where we were told that the guy would likely appear. It was my first time there.

And, voila! It was the craziest part of the town. I arrived at 9 PM there and the street was crowded by motorcycles, full but fast. I have to go around by foot and it's hard to walk freely, why? The pedestrians were hacked by street food-sellers. All you can step on is the edge of the road. There were also many other things sold by the road. Under the dark sky without stars, riot sounds from vehicles and the breeze were completely mixed.

Crowded, crowded, crowded!

This city annoyed me more. Like, the biker who wouldn't stop to let you walk across the street. I had to put on this annoyed faces on them, but those bikers just lined up and keep going fast without stopping to let me go. Those guys were completely heartless and brainless. It took 3 minutes for me, just to get through the other side of the road of only 1, 5 meter. No traffic light, and other stuffs. Just bugging bikers.

We went around about 3 times the same quartier and still couldn't find the person we were going to interview. Then, the worst thing in that situation for me was... I wanna pee! There was only food-sellers and in the middle of the road, how could I find the toilet? So I should go across many streets to get through a supermarket, at the first floor of an apartment. Surprisingly, when I got in the toilet at the supermarket, the lamp... was on and off continuously! It wasn't like a 80s discotheque, but a haunted room in horror movies. So I said to myself, "No!"

When I went around another side of the quartier I saw a child friendly area, like balloons, toys and kids food were sold in the street. And they got their own little carousel. Unlike, the other side, where all the bikes were seemed to have a rally and adult entertainments were on the stage, these two worlds could join and make their own town. It's biased one, as somehow it's very dangerous, not only for the wild fast traffic, but also for the crime scene that might happen. I couldn't just take out my cellphone, purse or camera there. So, I have to sneak my cellphone to get some pictures. I didn't say that the people cannot be trusted. Not all of them, we met a guy who helped us to find the person we're looking for. Yet, that place was quite isolated-ly happening.

Anyway, I can say, it's an all-you-can-get town. From various food choices, toys, street karaoke, kids entertainment, tailor, magz and even bunnies!

Bunnies, at the left of a guy in white t-shirt (Click on the picture to enlarge)
Being there... you got to be careful of course. Try not to be looked eye-catching. The bad people there could just approach you in a way you can't avoid. Being there, you might be also entertained by some street singers (the one I was looking).

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  1. I've just made a visit to Singapore last week, and... I hate Jakarta (traffic) even more... It's like living in a hell...


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