Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Slap

Mouth... My mouth
Tongue... It's mine
Words... They come from inside me

And what do you think?
This is what I think
of this... of that

What do you think of them?
My thoughts... my words... my will...
My liberation
Care to understand?
Do you dare to accept?
Dare to listen?

Let me speak!
of what I see...
the truth---you don't ever wanna know
in the most irritating feel

Should I say what do you wanna say?
Can't I sense what all my senses explore?

I can't be into you...
or stay in your realm
as your kingdom is imaginary
just like my childhood friend
and you are my 5-year-old self

Do you dare to open your eyes and ready for difference?
Within liberty---you let go
I'm sorry
I pity you
Before you slap me...
Remember this: I'm not you!

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