Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speak Up!

I wanna share something that upset me this noon...

Next week, I'm going to have a Mid Term Test. One of the schedule is kinda collided with my work. There will be one subject which test I have to take at 1.30 PM to 3.00 PM, and usually I have to be at office at 1.30 PM. It takes one hour and a half to get to work from school.

I decided to contact the academic this noon after classes, saying that I need to have another schedule coz I might be working at the time I have scheduled for the test. Do you know what the academic officer said to me.... She said, "Then, what should do?"

It was weird to me to have her said that. Diplomatically but nice, I replied, "I need you to get me into another test schedule I might fit in."

She said she couldn't do that (with rolling eyes, can you imagine???). The re-arranging schedule is only possible if I'm an cross-enroll student. In fact, I'm not. This situation shocked me, of course. I asked her later on, "What could I do then?"

It's a quite tough case for me and I need advice. Simply, she replied me, "Well then, you have to choose your work or your school." That's all. Period!

I was like, sh*t... how could she be so rude and ignorant to me while actually the money she earns working in that school sourced from the money that I (or my family) earn for paying the admission!

I was too upset that she even didn't help or put any sympathy. When she saw my expressions were around disappointment, sad, and confused, she didn't even put attention to me or feeling sorry for not being able to help.

I wonder these are the people who are receiving the students' money to provide aid and services in return. But this is what I got? What if I work to earn money to pay the admission and if I can't go to work, my boss cut off my paycheck... do they think that they will effect to them?

There are also students who work for earning their school's tuition. What if it happens to them? For this case, I'm still quite lucky. I got my family backup, only for school.

My office is very strict and professional. I can't just get some days off, change the schedule and all. Now, I have to prioritize my school above my work which means I have to talk to my boss, saying that I might need to re-arrange the schedule. Fantastic!

Once, I trusted to be in that school for the education excellence. They seem soooo convincing in their services and all. Yet, this is what I got. I feel betrayed....

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