Saturday, October 23, 2010

Working Life

Life's a struggle. No life with pressure and hard work, else your life is a waste!

I said it to myself, no matter how people look down on those words of mine many times. Therefore, I choose to take all the risk, sacrifice my teenage ego of being lazy and careless free. Since 2008, I decided to look for a job. Get a job and be independent.

Easy? No. For a (formerly) spoiled 18-year-old girl, it was a tough thing to conquer, yet exciting. Working life feeds my adventure side. The unfilled one part of my soul. Somehow, the steps to take were almost seemed to be impossible to be done perfectly. I'm talking about the forever progress I'm living through... temptation to stay lazy, give up, and be a drama queen. It takes a fight with myself.

I'd looked for jobs, starting from Starbucks barista (Coffee, hmmm, I'm addicted, but I was considered too young that time), a librarian or bookshop-keeper (coz I love books so much!), to a waitress. I composed my CVs, but only one to Starbucks that I sent off. The rest of the possibility, I cannot find anything match. When I showed my CV (innocently) to my friend, saying that I might be working on those four positions, whatever I can get, he was thrilled! I remember that he said that I could get a better job rather than being barista or A WAITRESS!

Simply I said to him that I just want a simple job, which wasn't that simple actually. Those are tiring jobs and people look down on and never consider fairly. And I want the experiences, lessons, and the feel... Completely, I wanna know how it would be like. Every person has his own path and a story of struggle behind it that I want to live in. I thought it was pretty interesting to try. Sadly, my mom and my bro also think the same. However, I was ready to face something like this.

Luckily, I got a little translating job for a movie script from a friend. Whew.. I was lucky. So happy to earn money myself. No guilty feeling in spending it! LOL.... Then, later on, when I was still 19 years old, I get a job as an English teacher! It was sooo a 'yay'! Lucky, lucky, lucky...

And it's been 10 months. After all ups and down, now it's the right time to call it quit. I will submit my resignation letter in December, before Christmas holiday. I will write the whole stuff next time.

This time is just felt so right to reach my real dream, being a journo in a media I have dreamed! I can't wait! Definitely excited...

By the time goes by, every path seems harder. But, it's the adventure I wanna take anyway, ... the struggle that fills my life up. Life's about struggle, or else, it's nothing.

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