Monday, November 8, 2010

Competitive Blog - What is this all about?

Have you ever seen blog rankings stuff? Well... what do you think of it? Do you want to put that in your blog? Give me the reasons of your whatever answer...

When I firstly thought about blogging, I just wanted to write. I'm a writer wanna be, so that's obvious =P

I have put that blog ranking stuff on my both previous review blog and personal blog. Well, as I'm not that good at writing and blogging, my popularity hasn't risen up that much. Infamous, that's the word! Ha!

Shortly, let's talk about the impact it had given to me... writing with rush hour! It looks like blogging = deadline. More particularly... DEATH-line. So, I'm supposed to be dead.

Blogging should contain of writings and pictures that comes from inside you. You want it posted, then you have it on the cyberspace. Does it come that often? It depends on you. You can answer it yourself. No right or wrong answer.

Sometimes, there are so many things in my head, queuing to be written down and posted. But do I have that much time for it? Nope! Then, there's a moment, sometimes in my life, where I have so many spare time to write. And do I still have many things to write down? Not at all! When I have the time, then it's also time for having writer's block. Ugh...

So the blog ranking will notify you to keep on working on your blog traffic, then if you go down from your previous blog rank, they will send you another notifications. Stressful, isn't it? I can say that it would make you feel like you haven't paid your bill. You keep stressing on how you should or could manage to work it out.

Come on... it's blog! It's not article you have to submit to your editor. It's where you can write and share other things from your heart, without time limit and all the shitty stuffs. So, no need to care if there might be people who actually read your blog or not and who. Just make it as a feedback while people leave your blog, so you know how to keep up with your writing. Just to keep up with your writing, not for the blog rank. Thank you!

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