Friday, November 19, 2010

Featured: I'm on #HappyOnMyOwn 'Simaho Strip'

Whew... I can't wait to share this!

"Being gay isn’t an option. And love is so unconditional that it could happen to us to love same sex or different. Just be happy to love!

The sentence above is my testimonial posted on the blog Happy On My Own. It was hard to me to make a short one, as I have soo many things to say about LGBT. I really wanna give them my whole support and want them to feel happy. They have rights to be and they should be! Being is a gay isn't option, you're born to be. I've never made a choice to be a straight. But when the time comes, I know I'm straight. So as the gay. To me, being gay or straight is about existence.

All I see on LGBT people is the one they choose to be with for the rest of their lives---whom they love. As I'm straight girl, I would choose a man, and a gay guy would choose another man. Love is unconditional that it could happen to us to love same-sex or different.

HappyOnMyOwn website shares comic strips on LGBT issues and photos of people in t-shirt with 'Simaho' icon on it. We, the sympathizers, would leave a testimonials on being LGBT. I'm quite happy to do this, as they're so open to me, who is straight =P  Also, I'm so proud that they're so confident, too, in showing themselves to the world. I like the way they do it. It's hard to be ourselves when not many people are like us. I was amazed.

It can inspire many other people, not only the gays, but also other people who still feel uncomfortable with their own skin. Sometimes, although I'm a straight, it doesn't mean that I can easily dare to be myself. From the websites, I learn something and I want to make people happy.

'Simaho' the icon is actually inspired from the 'Maho' icon in Kaskus. The 'Maho' icon is a form of discrimination to LGBT people. HappyOnMyOwn now tries to turn over the negative side of LGBT by smoothly educating the society about what LGBT really is. Through the comic-strip and testimonials, people's negative opinion, one day, will change.

P.S. Do you know that 30% of CEO in US are gays? Well, what I see about gays and lesbians is that they're mostly hotties! So, whoever you are, just be happy on your own!

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