Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flirty Guy

On Tuesday, I was on my way to work from school. So it was around 1PM. It was rainy and that made me in a good mood. Besides, the next day (on Wednesday).... HOLIDAY!

No traffic, no long queue... so damn perfect! But when I was on the TransJakarta bus, a guy who took charge on that bus (not the driver), in a sudden, approached me at my seat.
"Hey miss, where are you going?"

I was like, huh? But I replied politely, "I'm going to 'xxx'. Why?"

Then, I realized the bus was empty, except me, this guy and the driver! I was quite freaked out. I didn't realize I was the only passenger. He, again, replied my question and chuckled a bit, "Nooo... nothing..."

I looked down to my cellphone screen, as before I was browsing some news. He kept asking questions, like...
"Why are you going there?"

"Oh, you work there? Where is it for exact?"

"What's your job?"

"So everyday you take this bus?"

I was soo tired to answer his questions. I mean, why did he have to ask those questions? What's the problem with me? Well... I can tell you now that I hate the way his smile. Flirty. And as a passenger and a PIC... it's not nice. Ok? And it was obvious of my way reacting to his questions weren't so open and I did show him that I felt uncomfortable. But he kept approaching me and asking questions that he didn't have to ask.

Until I stood up and asked, "Why??? Why do you wanna know?!"

Again, he gave the same reply, "No, nothing, just asking."

I was pretty upset and quite scared at the same time as I was alone at that TransJakarta bus. I was tooo upset to look up and see his name tag. But, listen (read) this! You should look up and notice his name. It's something I regret. If something happens, you need to know who you will report.

That time, I didn't get a chance to. I was kinda careless. That thought didn't come up to me. But next time, when something happens or not, just try to notice the driver or person in charge's name, code, route or something like taxi number that might be clue. Just in case.

Thankfully, I wasn't there too long. A few moments, I reached the bus stop and got down. I wish I would never get into that bus again. Especially, get that bus, ALONE!

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