Friday, November 19, 2010

How Far You Discriminate People and How Young Are You For?

What did you see when you were 5 years old of people with slit eyes and fair skin? And what do you see of people with tanned skin and round eyes?
What do you see of yourself?

I was born in discriminative country. Well, everywhere is discriminative. But, hey, yes I'm not native Indonesian, I'm a foreigner. Although, I have this citizenship and local ID, that don't mean that I can be real Indonesian. These slit eyes and fair skin are my ID!

People won't care if you get the ID or Citizenship Letter or Indonesian Passport. My look has answered all million dollars question. Chinese-Japanese. A total foreigner. Former imperialist. Me? Just whatever.

Every new student who joins my class would always ask me, "Miss, where do you come from?" I never replied directly, instead, I always ask back, "Guess where? Where do you think I come from?"

Funny, my students, sometimes, are mistaken that I'm Asian-American because of my 'west-coast' accent. But to my kindergarten students, they would shoot an answer "Chinese!" or "Japanese!", and sometimes it happens to, "Korean!!!!" *daanggg*

So what makes me upset lately was....  my students! It wasn't the first time that they made out trouble. Well those cute little demons are made of trouble. They made jokes behind my back, something related to the fact that I'm Chinese-Japanese!!!

OMG, I've been so nice to them. I'm a temperamental person, but for this job, I try my best not to show my anger easily and inappropriately until I got myself crazy! Argh... They started some gossip which probably they heard from their parents to their classmates. I was like, what's my fault to them and to their parents? Why is it a problem that I'm a foreign asian?

Oh c'mon, I was born this way and there's no way I could choose. I can't regret it either. Why should I? Those people look the outer all the time. They're jealous of my a-lil-tanned white skin and exotic eyes! Yeehaaa! But the point is, why should the parents sow the seed of jealousy and hatred toward others to their young children?

The cute little demons are sooo pure to be contaminated with your discriminative culture. Once I hear, 'Hey, Miss Bree is a Chinese-Japanese and she........ *peeeeeeeppp*', I will drop your children out of my class!

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  1. I’d come to clinch the deal with you on this. Which is not something I usually do! I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!


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