Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sorry for being missing...

For these two weeks, I had my midterm test. I didn't feel into it so... I don't know now, what will happen with the result. Ahay!!!

But, what I'm going to share is that this month has been a hard phase for me, compared to last month when I had so many nice things came up. Once again, 'but', I know I have to still be grateful to know the truth of who are my friends---who really care about me and love me.

Within the whole struggle, I still have some blessings...

In the middle of that, I'm still working on some reviews, school task, and hanging out with my friends for QGathering and for random hang-out on the weekend. So the first of those two weeks wasn't bad ones at all. It's always nice to meet some friends, chat and take pics.

Moi, avec La Pina Colada
Me and the girls (Vien, Yuli, Me and Val

Me and Budi

Sophie and Me

Me and Yudi
Too many to mention.. =P
Just like I told you the first week wasn't bad, but the second week was. REALLY WAS!!! So the midterm test went crazier and I didn't prepare so well. To be honest, I was lazy and now I'm regretting it.

Still, I was quite happy to meet some new cool friends and hanging out... So fun! I met Ijal, David and Tulus and some other.

Eat. Eat. Eat.
Tulus, Yuli and Me at Sency
Some of us
Also on the second week, on Saturday dawn for exact, I had a bad messy drama with a guy!!! Ugh... Hate it! I won't forget that tragedy... Anyway, will tell soon on next post!

Then... last one, I wanna share another blessing...

*drum rolls*

My book order has arrived.... A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah
It's arrived, it's arrived.... *happy* ... Thank you, Kinokuniya!

So happy....

see you soon!

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