Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lover of All Women

Maybe you all can learn from my experience. Last week, I had another drama... big messy drama, I can tell.

I met this mysterious guy last year. He kept appearing on my facebook, under "People You May Know" or "Suggestions". I completely never knew this guy before, including heard of his name or see his name somewhere. His last name was quite unique so it lasted in my head. Besides, the reason his facebook account appeared on my facebook's suggestion was mutual friends.

It was quite questioning that we have random mutual friends. Yet, mostly of the mutual friends were my classmates in freshman year class. As I was never close to my friends in freshman, so I'd never had chance to ask who he actually was.

My conclusion, briefly, was that he might be a lecturer. Then, in a incident, I knew he wasn't. So, I was sooo curious until I added him. He approved me and we talked through facebook chat.

He.... was nice! He asked me how he could refer me, what I liked and all... I didn't expect that he could be that sweet. So then, I trusted him and became friends. Soon, although he was engaged, we went into deeper conversations, we had our Skype accounts and Blackberry Messenger ID. He ... made me happy!

I just broke up with my ex in US. My heart was completely empty with pain and loss and he was right there, giving excitements and warmth that I missed. He really did fit the missing piece somewhere inside me. I forgot the day and time of the moment where I started to put him above my everything.

I knew very well, that time, that I was wrong. He was engaged. But he came to me, showing his interest. To be honest, I was flattered. I tried many ways to avoid him, or at least, to conduct my feelings not to snuggle up much to his words and existence. I couldn't. The more I tried, the more frequent he kept appearing on chats and the deeper conversations and actions we did.

I knew him better day by day. His sacrifice and struggle. His loving side and hobbies. Anything about him... I can say, we have some similarities. Until then, we met in real life.


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