Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mourn of the Ashes

As it has been reported all over the world, my country is having a terrible condition. Several calamities were just happening. Wasior for its flood, Mentawai for another Tsunami, and eruption of Merapi. We have also been haunted by the possibility that Jakarta, the city I'm living, would be badly effected if the Krakatoa explodes.

So far, I've been just alright in Jakarta. The Krakatoa hasn't exploded yet, and the disaster sites are miles away from the town. Somehow, the eruption of Merapi is reported too massive and it has erupted like 3 or 4 times in these 2 weeks. The ashes are so dangerous and it can be spread throughout the Yogyakarta. Two cities near mine, like Bandung and Bogor, have been effected by the ashes which contain of Si 02/Silica (industrial glass material. That's how I was told in a random blackberry messanger). My sister in China has warned me and my fam in Jakarta.

These trials have been some kind of wake-up-call for the nations...

I saw some ads in almost anywhere, broadcast messages on BlackBerry, some twibbons written like "Pray For Indonesia", and companies and organizations open a bank account to pile the donations for the victim. One takes my attention is the one with 'let's forget the differences to help the victims of Merapi' message.

It's been years living in the country with discrimination. Under the stigma 'not Islam means you're heathen, not native you're outsider'. Now, the wake-up-call has made the words.

When we're told that the ashes from Merapi is getting closer to Jakarta, there's another BBM message sent to me. 'Pray with your own religions (or way) for the safety for Indonesia'. I was like, 'pray... in my religion?'

It's not that I prioritize the unimportant thing into this kind of situation. Isn't it too late JUST to pray? You're too conceited if you think without doing anything except praying can save you.

And is this time when you finally recognize that there's a religion beside Islam?

It IS time to forget the differences. I have forgotten, only Indonesia is left behind to do this. I am trying to say that THIS TIME is 'to ACT', besides 'to PRAY'. Like what Mother Teresa said,
"Ora et Labora"
To work while you pray. A real prayer that you do inside you, and not the one you show others.

However, Indonesia has been a discriminative country for years, since there's Communist Party Movements Tragedy and 1998 May and the following years ahead, you just can still feel it. It's a country where the nations is showing pride of diversity that exists, living in a (fake) peace. You would agree with me if you have objective judgement on this, or if you live as Christian/Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic, Atheist and/or you're not born as Native Indonesian, and/or also if you're LGBT person.

In this kind of situation, why do people now open their eyes on differences that exist and that we should make a REAL peace in between? Why do people link this calamity with the differences of religious stuff? Why do people now accept other religions/race/groups to also join to pray and help? Why do they accept these differences when they need help and are stuck in fear?

Now, we, the minors, exist?

The calamity can happen to anyone. Now that people make a relation that this is something to do with the existence with other (lately recognized) groups and their prayers. When I pray, I don't need anyone to tell me so. It's a reflect action that my nerve in brain will tell me to do and I don't need to show it to other people. I can do it my heart, while people can see me working as usual or prepare for the worst possibility that might happen. Ora et Labora. It's not about praying and your religion. Not about differences. It's just about what you can do. Not a special time to pray that stops you from doing 'the action'.

Ora et Labora, that's the key.

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  1. The fact that all you have been doing is praying and not acting is the reason for the mess. But it is a terrible shame that such a wonderful people as the Indonesians have to endure so much.


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