Strange Feeling

8:18 AM

There's a strange feeling I've got lately. Another hint, I also divert my food choice from pasta and potatoes to rice as my daily carbohydrate. Besides, I have a strange changes of mood.. and it's not PMS!

I don't know what to say about this. It feels like something bad and I'm worried about my family, especially my mom. This disturbs me a lot these days. The feeling is getting more intense and more bad thoughts coming up into my head. The more I try to distract my mind from these things, the more I get confused.

Oh, I love my family. These times, I can only think and say my heart how much I love them and how they meant to me. I really don't know what's going on... with me or with everything around me. I keep tracking back on what I've been and whom I've been for them. It's like my time is running out.

Somehow, I'm always ready to leave... I always am. But, I just can't imagine to watch people leave. This strange feeling gets me crazy.

I hope everything is ok...

or, maybe I just need some sleep.

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