A Sweet Little Forgotten Regard

10:49 AM

Weeks ago, actually my mom just got back from Guang Zhou and brought some pistachios!! Heh... I love those pistachiooossss....

Pistachios!!! *kiss kiss*

Ok, Bree... slooowww down!
Yep! My sis has been staying in Xiamen for her study and she bought me Doraemon figurine! Soooo happy! She told me on Skype, "I bought you Doraemon figurine, pooping while reading a book! I remember you like Doreamon, right? If you don't, just give it to me, I like it, too!" When I read her message, I burst out laughing. She also said that the Doraemon figurine will nod his head under the sunlight. SO CUTE!

I told her, "Of course I want it soooo bad!" This is gonna be my second Doraemon figurine after the one I got from Japanese junk food kids meal package! Ha! ... Actually, the embarrassing part is that I'm a big life-time fan of Doraemon, but at 20 years of my age, I only have two figurines! I should have more! Hyaaa.... Where to get it? LOL I remember it was a funny thing to greet my mom back when she was home, then she handed me that figurine. Me myself still couldn't believe it that time, having this cute Doraemon figurine. What a blessing... thanks, sis! Thanks, mom!

It's been almost a week, my mom has been in Jakarta with me. A few days ago, she told me that she forgot something. "I forgot something, someone sent you a regard," she said to me when we were at the kitchen. I was confused, really. I had no idea whom it would be. "Remember your auntie in China? She sent you regard."

Wow! It's been years I haven't seen her and her husband... and she still remembers me. The last time we met was when I was in first year of grade school. I was 6, and now I'm 20 years old. Gosh, 14 years! Then my mom told me that she even remembers my name (my Chinese name) when asking about me. Sheila (read: Shi-la, in English pronunciation). OMG, isn't it sweet?

Her son, my cousin, actually ever visited us once a few years ago. But I didn't remember that much, because I saw him once, only a few moments. I don't speak Chinese and he can't speak English. We didn't communicate verbally, only we exchanged some smiles and nods. He talked more to my dad and my mom in Chinese. But I thought I knew one sentence he asked to my dad. It was something like, "Is she the youngest daughter? My youngest cousin of the youngest?", "How old is she?", and "Is she in school?". Somehow, I remember how he looked and stared at me. Quite a long one. Hahaha... But now, I know why he did.

Then my mom retold me what my auntie said. My auntie was told by her son that I've grown up and very beautiful. Gosh... I didn't lie on that part! It was true... her son said so to her, and she retold it to my mom. I can't believe he thinks I'm beautiful!!! Ahay.... *blushed*

However, my auntie was shocked when my mom told her that I'm 20 years old now. It could be very funny, as the last time she saw me, I was a girl with hair in braid and innocent smile. It would be hard for her to imagine how I look like now. Just a fact that she misses that I'm quite a bitchy 20-year-old girl!

One thing I remember of her of saying that I have a very white skin. Hahaha.... Thinking back to those days. Good old days!

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