Saturday, November 13, 2010

Within a Few Hours, oh Yes, Me? Who?

It was just a few couple of hours away...


It was last year, we knew each other. Starting what you called as 'an adventure'.

It was yesterday, a moment I know that you'll hate me forever.

I can't leave these words that sound cliche, that you really filled a piece of my empty heart. It was hard when you came, it was beautiful when you breakthrough.

Late nights with dirty minds as we caught in in cyberspace. An odd way to start, yet we did.

We met and talked, less that 2 hours for real after a few months. No lust. Just smiles.

And yes, I love you!

I'm in love with you... When you told me not to, it was way too late...

I don't wanna see... what you think I want to see. I just wanna see you, not 'you'.

I can't stop thinking the next day when we can be together again. Though, that day would never come. Never ever.

I have these words, yearns, and loves (with desire) that none have you known.

Millions of things I want us to share, but none have we done.

There were only two sentences. I got hurt to tears, ended my night. Fear and shame. I was nothing. I've been nothing. I'm only your trouble. I'm sorry to know whom I've been to you. I'm sorry to know that you don't have the same vision like I do for us both.

Many times I said that it's over---a decision I had always taken back, a decision I had always regretted. I'm sorry... for thinking to leave you and to stay.

It's all my mistake. Within you and my ego, I've been so deeply lost. I can't figure the way out. A couple of hours back, everything was so clear and obvious. You bold the line where 'I'm nothing' lies down in my heart, your mind and a line that separates us.

I'm nothing. I'm a trouble. I'm no longer a part of your adventure.

Thank you and goodbye...



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