Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Jakarta, Stuck In One of the Worst Traffic Jams of the Year

27 November 2010,

So sleepy and tired... A moment ago, there was 'yesterday' and it was unbelievable!

I got to wake up early to Brenda's house and depart to a mosque in Kemayoran (around the area I wrote on a blogpost: A Night in Biased Town) to gather with other friends. We were going to continue our documentary project.

So in the morning, that noisy and crowded Kemayoran area was dead! I mean empty. Almost no any single vehicle running there. Clear! You can sleep in the middle of the road, just like in the "The Notebook" movie. But when there's daylight, the more biased city gets. No people who cheer up the side of the town, like I used to see the first time in the dark.

Well... things went well for the film shoots. We met Brenda (not my classmate), a nice and friendly shemale. Not only she was willing to help us, she was sooo welcome to me and my friends. FYI, to be a girl, she's very kewl and beautiful!

Anyway, hours we spent there, then we had to head back to our campus as there's a class at 3. So we left the location around noon by taxi. We all got headache. But no bad traffic at that time, but cars were lining up a bit. It was lunch time. I can say it was still normal. Then, something wrong with the taxi and put us in a situation where we were a bit tempted to get some food for lunch at 711 near Grand Indonesia. Before, me and Brenda decided to get some meatballs and noodles in our campus complex. Regina also agreed. But things got twisted. So, here we go... 711. It was
my first 711 experience. So as Regina. I was so damn excited with Slurpee thing and all. I bought small cup of Slurpee (small one for the first time, just in case I didn't like it or something) and Beef Yakiniku, which was quite not bad, but too many onions.

After we finished class at 4.30, it rained. So, me and Brenda got to spend some more time to get a transport that could take us to a stop where we usually get the next transport to continue the route. But for the first transport, it was goddamn difficult. Then, after we got it, we got to find the next transport, which was none of them operating. It was raining quite bad, the wind was strong enough to make you catch some cold. We stood under the rain, waiting for miracle. But nothing happened.

I advised to take taxi, but the traffic was very bad. We knew we would get stuck. So we decided to go the our former campus A at Dharmala Sakti. I wanna get some food and sweet hot tea as my headache was getting worse, meanwhile waiting for the rain to stop and hoping that the traffic would be less crowded. Yet, 30 minutes gone by. What's the next? We got stuck in the worst traffic ever. We couldn't get the usual transport, TransJakarta were full, and no taxi. If there was one taxi, it might have been ordered, so we got rejected.

So what we did? We went around from Dharmala to Le Meridien-CityWalk-Intercontinental Mid Plaza-Grand Sahid. There were countless of walk we did, like walking back-and-forth to catch a cab. Then, after a long wait in desperation, what we did next? BACK TO LE MERIDIEN!!!

I was completely hopeless. Then, we decided to get a TransJakarta bus from Karet shelter. After passing two shelters in a crowded bus like a tuna in a can, we reached Dukuh Atas shelter. What shocked us? This....

That was still the first cut, there was another in the next 2 cuts. Argh! Soooo.. again, we decided to leave. The next? We got stuck in another traffic jam in Dukuh atas, near BNI 46 building. I was more completely hopeless. I thought, ohh... just walk home.

Yeah... we walked, but still hoping that there would be a taxi to get us home. Or, if it's not taxi, anything... anything!!!!

After moments walking from Dukuh Atas, we almost got Manggarai. You can measure how far we'd been walking since the first time. Almost getting our way to Manggarai, Brenda noticed a bajaj and she said why we didn't get in. She wanted it, so why not.

It's like I was almost singing "We did it, we did it!" just like Dora the Explorer. Still in bajaj, we still had to face with traffic. Along the way, my sis in law asked me through bbm, asking where I was and all. She said she was stuck in Kuningan and HI was closed!

There's a midnight sale!!!! OMG... why didn't we just walk to Grand Indonesia and shop? It's much better than keep walking and getting stressed out.

At home, I knew I was going to be sick. Yeah.... so was I. My mom made me a cup of hot red ginger, which was good! Raining and that breezy night you had fought, drink it! Not to forget... massage for your tired legs!

Jakarta, oh Jakarta!

29 November 2010

It's Monday! And I hate it! But I got to kill it!

This morning, I woke up like usual. And what? Still, you got up early and left early... and the traffic also came early! *sigh*

I usually reached my campus at 7.45 or 8 a.m. at least, but... There's always 'but' in this case, in this sentence. At 7.45 I was still half way. And, (sorry) I couldn't lie that I really wanna pee!!!!! I just couldn't hold it!

I was still in my bro's car and everyday he drops me at Sarinah, next I got to catch a bus to campus, go across on a bridge, then another public transport, and then another bridge! I didn't think I could make it. Feeling another hopelessness, I said to my bro, I wanna go to his office first to pee and got a taxi there. It would spare some time for me and energy.

Do you think it's ridiculous?

All I could do to distract my concentration was screaming in twitter! Err... if there wasn't any traffic, this silly thing would not happen. *ugh*

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