Friday, December 10, 2010

My First 'Scrapbook' Card

It's been years since Senior High, with lack of equipments, I'm back for scrapbooking with more and better equipments! Yeay!
So it's fun to know that there's a thing called "Rubber-stamp", various paper punches, etc. I had fun hunting them and playing with them, creating some things. I always like creating many things, especially when it's related to art.
So this is my first card, with scrapbook style. Actually the second, but the first one is sent to my friend, Kat. As the card is on the way, I can't show it now here.
Then... it's time to share my first card! 
Closer, for the detail! 
The story behind the doll. At first, as usual, I don't have any strong concept. Not very often, I started a work with concept. Hehehe... =P But, I actually wanted to make a flower, with separated different parts in circle from various materials, but it ended up like a head of a girl with freaky hair. So, I decided to make the dress, arms, legs and shoes.

Although the butterfly is too big, I've tried with less big butterfly but it doesn't seem to fit. So, big one it is.
Tell me what do you think of it?


P.S.: I will try to post some of my high school scrapbooks, although it's not card-making =). Maybe something funny to share...


  1. What a happy accident.....very cute!

  2. That is an absolutely adorable card. You are very creative!


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