Thursday, December 30, 2010

My First Painting

I wish I could draw or paint. But I never could. Something happened when I was 15. I got an accident which changed my point of view of almost everything. That moment of sadness, I got a miracle where with only one arm, and another arm in cased, I could paint for my school's homework.

I remember how suddenly I felt so excited to paint, despite my condition that time. I couldn't open the colour paint bottles myself, as it needed two hands to open. I have no easel to hold up the canvas, so I used my both legs to clip the canvas standing before me. I got no static palette, so each time I stroked my brush to the colour on the palette, it ran away. Hahahaha.... it was sad. But my excitement and will couldn't get into my way, my calling.

Here it is....

It's not good, not a masterpiece, but at least, I did my best (and conquering my lack) to finish this simple painting.

I'm only a piece of dust...

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  1. wow, I have no idea why I've been directed to this post but am glad I read it anyway..
    the pic is sweet, trust me.. as girl with very bad painting skill,I knew it is great and way better than any pic of mine.
    but the main point is, I love your spirit :) thanks for sharing! :p


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