New Year Resolution for 2011

3:51 AM

So Merry Xmas everyone!

This xmas is felt kinda different as so many things has happened differently in this 2010, and it's going to end soon.

Going to the end of the year, I feel more staying at home and going out with some friends for wining or brunch. Just a perfect way to catch some quality moments to talk and get some updates about each other. Things have gone pretty crazy in a way, hectic and tiring. Yet, it's almost all fun.

I remember in my old personal blog, I made a resolution for me to accomplish in 2010. I have also made a mid-year review on the progress that, at that time, none has been done. Now, nothing has changed either. Empty progress. 

All I have planned, maybe, haven't been arrived yet or they're just still hanging around somewhere, so that life takes me somewhere else. Of course, for another adventure, another gain. C'est la vie... Mysteriously goes by.

Even so, I think to make some points to achieve (or to buy and to have) next year. Just a plan to make my action stay right on track. LOL. As life goes unpredictable, so do I.

But, firstly, I wanna share what I really want: I want to finish my book and publish it with a well-known publisher in US or Europe. =)

Secondly, I have been thinking to have my "Eat, Pray, Love" moments. I haven't had the fixed plan of which country will I visit, but I already got some possible choices with consideration for each country. 

Thirdly, I need to get a smaller laptop for mobile and a pocket camera.

Fourthly, I wanna have an upgrade lens for my Canon DLSR camera.


Now, let's find a higher paying job to buy those stuffs. 


I'm only a piece of dust...

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  1. Good luck with everything! I'm so impressed that you're writing a book.

    Also, are you Indonesian? I got really excited when I saw that you speak it. My mom's from Indonesia and we're celebrating Christmas by eating nasi uduk.

  2. If France is in your "eat pray love" road, tell me =) I will try to call you in december the 31th, but I already wish you a fortunate year and success in what you do !

  3. @Owl: Thank you...

    Yes, I live in Indonesia. You also? Your mom's Indonesian, and what about your dad?
    Nasi uduk? I like it too... =)

    @Chloe: Yes, I will tell you all of my plan =) I will be waiting for your call... I wish you all the best in 2011.

  4. @Miss Reith Jarevinan

    Oh, so cool! I have such a deep love for Indonesia, I really feel like it's one of those places where if you go, you'll always end up wanting to come back. After I went to Bali I started dreaming up quick rich schemes so I can retire there when I'm forty...

    I live in America. My dad's Indian, so it's a little bit of an unusual least for America.

    Gotta ask you, what's it like being a writer living in Indonesia? Is there a support network? Do you have lots of friends who want to be writers too?

  5. @Owl:

    Oh ya.. Bali is very nice. Although the terrorist has bombed the island twice, but still they can't erase the beauty and peace.

    Wow.. what part in America do you live? Do you often come to Indonesia? Or ever go study here?

    In Indonesia, sorry to say, trying to publish a book is very difficult. Mostly, they tend to publish a book, by connection, not by judging the book. Once, I finished a book that I sent to a publisher here, they promised me 3 months after they would contact me, I called twice but they said that had not finished. Then after a lil drama, they rejected my book. I will write a post for the whole story if you're interested to know about book publishing here.


  6. @MRJ
    I live in the East Coast. What about you?

    I've gone to Indonesia to visit family every few years or so and I've had a two month internship there but that's about it.

    I'd love to hear the whole story. I'm so impressed that you finished a book and submitted it to a publisher. Go you!

  7. @Owl: I live in Jakarta. The capital. Where do you usually visit in Indonesia? Bali only, or you've been somewhere else too?

    Ok, the blog post about me going to publisher thingy will be up soon! =)

  8. @MRJ
    Actually my family lives in Jakarta too, so I've been to Bali, Bandung, Puncak and Jakarta. That's all though.


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