Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Smart and Logical, Dudes!

The thing the kids used to be proud of... is over! Power Balance trend is dead. Why? The users have been tricked. Sorry to say, CONGRATULATIONS!  

I remember people keep asking me whether I knew the Power Balance and all. I said, yes, but they would jump to the next question, why don't you wear it? or do you actually have one? You all could bet, if I said no, they would asked why I don't as it's trending. 

I never liked the trend to be honest. Why? Coz I just wanna be different! Following the trend means you follow where all people with no style go. I got my own style, no matter people like it or not, or even whether I show it at school or not. The only trend I follow is the trending topic on Twitter =P

Anyway, despite the trend, people believe that the Power Balance bracelet has an impact on health to the users. It was told before that the hologram on bracelet stimulated the natural energy in the user's body itself. Ok, I know this is 2011 and things get amazingly sophisticated, but since when a hologram can work on energy source of the body to make balance? 

Be logical!

Living in capitalist country, high rate of consumerism is no longer questionable. And Indonesia is one of unique consumptive country, slaved by capitalism. Somehow the capitalism urges the consumptive behaviour, within collusion that expands apartments available for infestation, department stores and night life business. People are spoiled to live among this sparkling lights in town and as there are so many things to try. 

Social envy is getting more common, that leads to intense consumption. Buying habit grows higher into social illogical consumptive competition---buying more and more, forgetting the possible affordability and is overshadowed by the fact of unemployment rate of 11% (reported by Sala Kannan, Daily Reckoning) and 14% of 231 population (reported by LIPI). 

People learn that collusion is the subject of all the matters of the root of capitalism. Yet, they compromise to consume what capitalism offer. Yet, the goods and services they bring up have become the trend that people follow. The fine miscellaneous goods and services are becoming hard to resist and form into a part of lifestyle that people enjoy. This is the start of the addiction of the buying habit to consume us back. Capitalism that comes from collusion turns away as a matter. 

Fashion trend is only one thing that's obvious. There are many addiction that brought up by consumerism, like gadgets. Some people don't need every gadget, but as for the trend, they go buy it. The mind set has step away from focusing on capitalism to trend following habit as the source of the problem. Leaving the fact that the government's collusion act which start the whole complicated humans' living habit is to take the blame. 

People would always to think to try new things on sale for trend sake---losing the logical mind. 3rd party like banks with their credit card offers push this habit ever worse. In Indonesia, people are too much spoiled with these kind of promotion as the product and service marketing strategy isn't targeting luxury to the luxury group of target audience, but to lower class group to develop their consumptive behaviour, stepping on their financial difficulty or low buying ability. Here's the competition to follow the trend is getting higher and tight. People won't ever buy things or services for quality or need, but for winning the trend. 

I'm only a piece of dust... so let's get naked and be inspired!

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