Monday, January 24, 2011

Interview Dian Kusuma from Le Mariage on Showcase, Published!

Last Friday, 14th January, I spent my whole day in campus---morning classes to evening event to report. I got a few hours to talk to my editor and asked how my interview doing. She said it was posted already. I was shocked... I just knew it and hadn't told kak Dian about it.

I checked the page and told her that it's published on the net...

The interview was my first time for Showcase. It shows articles about alumnae and their new life after graduating and enduring work life. I thought it was interesting to try and I found out that it IS really interesting. I contacted Kak Dian for an appointment last year and we met in Plaza Senayan. She was very cool, friendly and helpful to me for this article.

Kak Dian Kusuma is a Advertising and Marketing Manager of Le Mariage magazine. She was the former Fuji Ambassador and graduated from London School. So proud, she's my senior!

I enjoyed the interview and happy that lots of interesting stuff to write. She told me many things of her work life that might worth to know by me and other students who are so dying of getting graduated soon, and of course, dreaming of this job!

And the end, she looked like my old friend, back in high school. Hehehe...

For reading the article, click here.

I'm only a piece of dust... Let's get naked and be inspired!

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