Monday, January 31, 2011

Ling's Happy Place Giveaway!

Yay... another giveaway!

I visited this cute blog months ago and I keep following since then. It's about my long lost hobby scrapbooking, but this time I try card-making. Kinda different from the one I tried when I was in high school.

Anyway... if you like scrapbooking, Ling's Happy Place is holding a giveaway you can join! Yippee...

All you need to do is comment on her blog post about how you find her blog. The complete terms and conditions you can read on the blogpost. And this is the first scrapbooking giveaway I ever join and this is the first giveaway that doesn't ask you to follow the blog first. But, you won't regret following her blog. Many cute stuffs you will look for more... =)

I'm only a piece of dust... Let's get naked and be inspired!

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  1. You're such a sweetie! Thank you for your lovely comments and visits to my blog. Can't waitto see more cards from you. Hugs. :)


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