Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Whew.... Today's 2 January, which means we're going to go back to school and work again soon. Duh! I guess, it would be wise to start my cloudy Sunday morning with writing on what happened on my NYE. Oh... and this is card to share with you... 

3rd card-making stuff =)

Without planning anything before, I was thinking that my NYE 2010 would be just the same like previous years---silence, lonely and typing of non-sense on my laptop. But 2010 was different! Lol xD Thanks to my friend, Yuli, who dragged me into someone-I-don't-know's private party, which was sooo fun! Hehehhe....

Crisis, really?

Firstly, we met at GI and saw Harvey Nichols having a garage sale. It will close down. Financial crisis, that's the word. For those you don't live in Indonesia and shocked to know that we have Harvey Nichols, raise your hand (read: tell me on the comments)! Yeah, I'm living in a biased country. Don't worry, not only Harvey Nichols, we also have Debenhams, and Seibu in couples A-list department stores! 

We hopped away and grabbed something to eat at Epicentrum, a new mall in Kuningan, who hasn't got so many visitors yet. When we came to get some dinner in Brusselsspring, the whole thing was so stuffy at that mall as they were holding some kind of party. Well, hey, in Brusselspring, I found the tea I saw in Marie Antoinette movie (Sofia Coppola, 2006). Yay! Freak me? Okay... 

Feels like Marie Antoinette! =P

There we met some other friends like Eym, Chicko and his boyfriend, Andris. From there, we hung out at 711 and off to Rasuna Apt, where the private party was held, with no one I knew. Creepy? Not really! The people were fun and all. Later, I know some of them are sort of celebs on Twitter. We spent time playing Wii with lots of laughters and screams. Sadly, it was hard to use your cellphone for internet matters like UberTweeting and Facebook. No coverage! Believe it or not. 

When it's up to 00.00 of 1st Jan, my feeling wasn't that well. Personal drama! *ugh* Love matters are always becoming shits in my life. Among the crowd, I felt all alone. 

The view from the 28th level apt was GREAT! Night sky with city lights above. How romantic! It would be added to my 2011 resolution to move out soon. I have to get my own place. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my DSLR camera, so I took some pics only with cellphone. It's kinda hard to capture fireworks at the right time. 

In the night
View in the morning!

Anyway, I wanna share my end-year shopping... Books and one new dress. Yippee! I bought a new dress, which was hard to find the fit size for me, and I ended up went back-and-forth to the shopkeeper, asking for least size. I fell to XXS size, as usual. *sigh* I went to 3 bookstores, Gramedia GrandIndo for Doraemon Comic series 11-20 (pack), The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larsson, Beatrice and Virgil - Yann Martel, Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, and Roald Dahl's Matilda. Then I moved to Kinokuniya for 7th Garfield fat cat 3-pack comic strips, and last at Times in Pacific Place for Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper. 

Yeah! Book-nerd rocks!
Ok, this new year of 2011, I started with some careless attitudes. I broke almost my cash on my ATM, one of my account. Now, I don't know how to live in the next 1 month....

Sinful act evidence

See you later on next days in 2011!

...and I'm only a piece of dust... Let's get naked and be inspired!

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