Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Post In The Dawn

It's Saturday dawn almost 4am when I'm starting to write this blog. I haven't slept. And that's the latest fact from me now.

This is the last week of half-freedom before final exam of my 5th semester. I call this as half freedom coz the college is off, but not for the work as a teacher.

I'm thinking to write the first post of A Teacher's Story at my blog but I'm stuck. Maybe it has reached the half part.

It's 4am of Saturday and I got to wake up early as I got an appointment with my friend, Ivan, who happens to still be around in Jakarta, not in Canada like he told me months ago when we had some kind of farewell for him. He called me in the evening yesterday, asking for lunch. Till now, I can't still believe he's around in town. Then at night I'd have a film screening to attend at Salihara. It would also be a chance to meet my friends from Q. It's been awhile.

And I wanna show you a new card design of mine.

Just be TOGETHER =)

What do you think?

It took 2 days to think about and only one hour to finish.

It's called "Before"

First time, It was like the one right above this paragraph. Without any buttons on the ribbon. Then, I thought, it's quite too weird. I don't know, but I thought that way. Then I added some buttons. 

I made the butterfly myself on a simple paper, then I coloured it with my Copic markers. I have exercised to use it. It's kinda different with common colouring kits. 

Yesterday was funny, too. I mean...not that funny. It's just that I didn't get a headache for the first time in the week. I usually had a headache every 10-12pm without any clear reason whether I'm overexhausted, catching a cold, eye problems, or anything...

But first I promise to get myself checked to an optician, get a new pair of high-heeled shoes and a new sport shoes for school, new hair cut and a laptop. My current laptop is kinda sick, it's definitely rather tired.

Oh ya, how many of you like chocolate milk? I try Milo for these weeks lately and it's cool. But my dad just bought a pack of it, but Malay one. I just found a small sachet that has been opened and half gone. My dad usually drinks half sachet. I decided to try the Malay Milo, the rest half of my dad's, but it turned out not good. Feels more like black coffee. Or maybe my dad has re-mixed it. Damn!

Wish me luck for next week's final tests! I'm nervous...

So, it's 4.27AM (according to my laptop's time), it's time to catch some sleep. Good night, eh, good morning I mean. *faints*

I'm only a piece of dust... Let's get naked and be inspired!


  1. Nice card :)
    Good luck for your exams!

  2. Bon courage pour tes examens :) A bientôt !


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