Friday, January 28, 2011

Things You Need To Know About DSLR Camera

The last two weeks, I attended a cultural event at my campus. I never got interested in school/college stuff or events. But this time, as I got to photograph the events, I came.

Then, I realized there was a girl, holding a camera, kept looking and observing me. At first, I thought she was one of the documentation member in the committee that held the event. Later, I found out, she wasn't.

I smiled at her and asked whether she was in the committee. She surprised me that she barely spoke Indonesian. She told me in English, "You looked like a real photographer," with Chinese accent, like a Singaporean. Indeed, she spoke Chinese fluently, too. Then, she told me that she attended to the show as her cousin was in the committee, and not her. She was coming from Malaysia.

We exchanged our names and FB accounts to maintain further contacts. Still, I knew she was quite observing on my camera. And I didn't know why. She later broke the ice by asking whether she might give me some advice in camera lens and accessories. She told me that she used to work in selling camera stuffs while she was in Malaysia.

FILTER. I was using Kenk* for my filter and she said it's not a good one. In Malaysia, Kenk* is available for free gifts. The good one is H*ya and one brand she mentioned but I forget. How to know whether the filter is good or not. The best filter for your camera is when it doesn't show too much reflections. Try to look at yourself in the lens with filter! You'll know it. And never think not to use the lens without a filter. Probably some things happen and would scratch your lens, then it's fatal.

LENS. For Can*n, they have 3 level of quality for lenses. The lowest quality lens got silver ring circled on it. The medium quality is brown and red for the best quality. For this one, I'm tricked too!

I heard from some people too that using HOOD could be more helpful too!

So far, it's the only thing I could share about photography. More about photohunting on the next post =)

I'm only a piece of dust... Let's get naked and be inspired!

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