Thursday, February 3, 2011

Being Looniest in the Lunar Year!

This isnt new year. It's just a holiday, I keep saying to myself. So here I am at 3 (West Indo time) in the morning writing this blogpost while im also doing multiple tasks. How a multitasker I am!

Anyway...trying to forget any mystical and traditional command like avoiding to have your hands on a broom or feather duster or any cleaning stuff and working tools, I have my both hands typing on the keyboard and sometimes at the track pad instead. I can't leave my tasks and preparation for exam on friday. Besides, I cant wait to blog.

So the point of this chinese new year is to relax and enjoy the whole celebration. But what's the word for that this year: IMPOSSIBLE.

It's clear and obvious! (Remember and check points: school task. Yeap)

And there's always the worst part, that I got to have my face seen in my grand family's dinner. Just hate it! Seriously! How could I or you, a total westerned-soul cybergirl hang out, eat on the same table with freak and too-traditionally-attached family members who don't look up at you, not too close with you coz they think themselves better than you?  I'm an alien among them. It's written in my destiny. If we got yearbook for each Chinese New Year, I'll be the Most Extreme Loner polling winner of the Lunar Year! Looniest in the Lunar!

Ok... Let's be fair and I tell you the good part. The 'G-O-O-D' part. Not the B-E-S-T. That part goes to the red envelopes you got and those contain of money. I hope I could get a new laptop (Macintosh, this time, maybe), a LED TV and DVD player (coz I need to watch my pending DVDs more often. If I can't do that in my own room, so it's not gonna happening).

One other thing is identity crisis comes back more intense around this day. I'm born as a chinese girl, and I don't want to be. More inacknowledged people hate me for that. So anyway, thanks to the wise former president of the country who tried to fight for the minors and let the chinese new year as a national holiday. I see my friends who actually don't celebrate it, also do some kind of lil celebration of their own. They feel the joy too and I'm happy. Well, it's holiday. Who doesn't want one? We even want more...

I'm thinking to wear bunny ear hat to fam's dinner tonight. That would be loony! I should have myself in Looney Tunes TV show...
I'll write again in the afternoon...

See you... Bree

..what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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