Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo Hunting: The Apartment

How hungry are you?
It wasn't an apartment, although it got a spacious kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and a balcony. Each part of the room got anything that it should be there and .... many dining tables and chairs. It's a resto! That's why they name it 'The Apartment'. Located in Kuningan, next to Australian Embassy, I'll tell you what I did there during my 4-hour eating.
After my partner in crime of the day and I visited that Taman Prasasti Museum with its collections of old graves surrounded with gothic angels, we had our lunch here.
View from their 'kitchen' A little bit of 'bathroom' outer far at the back.
Their 'bedroom'
To their 'balcony' taken from the 'dining room'
Wine! Bordering the 'kitchen' to the 'living room'
Ummm... let's cook them in the 'kitchen'
And we sat in their....
In the zone they called 'The Kitchen', there are about 6 dining tables with different number of seats. Behind my table was a stove, toaster, some spices, and other cooking appliances. Beautiful kitchen set, and I wish I had one. (I'm sure, I will!) Speaking of the real kitchen, I don't know where it was. I saw couple times the waitress put some plates for some times at the counter of 'the kitchen' behind me to be taken to wash bin which I also didn't know where. 
Before we decided to sit in 'the kitchen', we looked at the 'bathroom', but it was kinda full. But, I could tell you what I saw there in the 'bathroom'. There was a rack with rubber ducky toy with a soap (not the real one, of course) and a small towel as the decoration. It was surrounded with blue mosaic ceramic wall.  Really looked like a 'bathroom'! Only the people in the 'bathroom' part weren't dressing off, they were having the meal! For the real bathroom, it was outside of the resto, but don't worry it's still inside the Gracia building. Anyway, maybe I should be back to eat some other menu at that part.
First, a few shots of our appetizer: Beef Nachos. The menu serves nachos with beef and avocado with cream. The taste: 4 of 5.

Lamb and Salmon got preyed!
It took a few minutes for us to finish that appetizer. Two of us. One big bowl of appetizers. And there was still a long way to go... Marcel ordered a biiiigg jumbo dumbo Lamb Shank and I ordered a simple Salmon Steak. I'm not a wild crazy eater, so I chose the safest choice I thought I could finish.  One thing that Marcel told me was to calm down if it took too much for me to finish eating the whole stuff, he would do an expansion onto my food. In the end, he admitted he gave me a false fact! Ha!

There's nothing much I could tell you about that Lamb Shank. All I know it's lamb and served with mashed potatoes. My Salmon Steak was also served with mashed potatoes which was quite good, soft yet stuffy. The Salmon was lightly grilled, less oily and yummy. Chili sauce circled around the steak and the vegetables. It wasn't spicy at all as they brought up American taste. Marcel got gingernate and fresh kiwi juice for drinks, and I got Cammomile tea as I wasn't feeling so well that day and Lime Juice (but, sorry I forgot to take pics of them).

Marcel's Lamb Shank

Few shots of the Salmon on different angles =P

I took a shot of Marcel, and he did the same. Here's two of my faves of Marcel's pic of me... The first one was taken candid and the other one was taken by my will. I should be a model soon. Anyone, to be the photographer? Ahh, ok I'm just kidding. I'm not good-looking, or even camera-face.
taken with my cam
taken with Marcel's camera

Random shots:
Cute flower with a pepper flask 

My arm looked so skinny... just a camera trick I guess

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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