Photo Hunting at Taman Prasasti

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I remember that day I was sick, but I intended to come as I had an unpostponable deal with my old friend, Marcel. Not only that, it was also gonna be my first photo hunting ever. Oh wait, this was the second. First, I unintentionally went to Monas with a few college friends last year or last two years. So this year, I planned 2 weeks before with an old friend who just started to learn this addictive stuff =P 

So, we went to Taman(=Park) Prasasti(=Epigraph) Museum firstly. It's located in Center Jakarta. I am not good at directions (women can't read maps, right?) and so, yeah Marcel drove the car, he got to find the way and don't worry coz he got the map! AND, he could read map. Thank God... What am I trying to tell you is...don't ask me how to get there exacty? I'm going crazy then!

When we arrived around 12pm there, it was raining! Jeez... The museum is mostly open space area. (Well, it's a park, isn't it?) Obviously, it was not a good chance. We got to wait for a few moment for the rain to stop and started exploring. The museum... or the park... as it was raining and anyone just stepped on the epigraphs became hard for me to seek the beauty. All you can find there is.... grave! Some vaudeville kids just broke through the side gate and got in. They walked around the park by stepping their feet on those graves. The ground got slippery soil coz of the rain. So wonder why those graves were even dirtier than ever.

Speaking of the graves.... yeap! The museum was actually a cemetery, established in 1795, in Dutch colonialization in Indonesia. It was opened for Dutch government officials and lords. Later, it was used for anyone who were Christians. So, there were many epigraphs which didn't have Dutch writings, but English, Chinese and Japanese. For the European taste of art in the museum, those graves are worth to visit.

But there was a point when I suddenly thought why I took pictures of people's graves? And before you leave, read my review of this place below these pictures (I will keep writing a little piece of review of anywhere I go hunting photos and some tips according to my experience during my observation and experience during the hunting on my blog) and see the next post as after visiting the museum, we tried Food Photography. My pics are much better for the food rather than these graves LOL xP

Enjoy the pics I took....

Partner in crime =P

REVIEW: This place has been used too many times for Indonesian amateur photographer. Somehow, this place and Kota Tua are becoming too common for their objects and views for your portfolio. You can google on some PhotoBlog somewhere else, you'll get bored! However, if you can take pics better in another angle, go for it. And if it's just the way it is, just visit and have fun. Forget that it can be your portfolio. The place is too simple for you who want to get something different.

TIPS: 1. As I have told you above that it's outdoor arena, make sure you wear some kind of sport shows which don't get slipped when it's slippery. Just in case it rains.
2. Bring tissues (wet and dry ones) it's outdoor, anything dirty can come!
3. Bring like plastic bag or paper bag to keep anything dirty and you just can't throw it away.
4. Bring unused newspaper for some possibilities. Like in my experience, we got to spend our times by cleaning our dirty shoes of wet soil before we got in the car. The newspaper can cover the base of your car if you come to difficulties to clean up your shoes.
5. So, considering no. 4, bring another pair of shoes. Maybe, bring some clothes to change? It might help. It's outdoor, whether you got sweat, wet or anything.
6. Wear long-sleeved cardigan, I got many mosquitoes bites there.
7. Don't wear anything to thick, just in case, the day is so hot.
8. Got something appropriate in your backpack. Don't until you got tired just because it's too heavy.

Don't forget to check the next posts of Food Photography =P

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