Punch Drunk Politic

3:49 AM

So happy finally UberTwitter is back! Well, it's UberSocial now. It's like a synonyms: two different words but have the same meaning. Haahh.... Let's say... The cybertown is saved, thanks to UberSocial... And not to forget Seesmic and SocialScope for their temporary services.

I hope other weird stuffs can be back at their places like it used to be. What I'm saying is the tax regulation for imported movies. We got no other movies, except cheesy and lame local films. Can you imagine? It felt like you live in darkness, in a cave, or in a trashbin---feel in disgust, uncomfort, stressing heat and blinding darkness.

Too over? Too serious? Don't blame me! I got it from the government. As a young teen, I learn from what I see, and that the government related to this issue are TOO OVER silly and FULL OF DRAMA. They're foolishly overreacting, like we're going to have another uneducating local TV Show.

Some departments in the government seems like seeking attention from the people with this issue or they're trying to help other department to cover some problems they're having and make it disappeared from media's catch. Nice strategy, huh? I'm too critical to say 'yes' on everything. Too bad for them. Next time, make sure you vote for the right people for the legislative and the president as well. Why? Coz they're the main casts of never-ending TV show we're going to watch for those next freaky years.

If a film or TV show is part of media that actually re-constructs the reality around us, that means we would like to be brainwashed into a life condition as how it was in 1960s in less dynamic technology updates and Saudi-like social life. The government now realizes the power of media that can't be denied. We're the fish in an aquarium and we don't even realize that actually we breathe in the water. Media is the air. It's everywhere. When it's gone, you're lost. 

I see that the government doesn't trying to destroy it, but to control it to work as they want it to be. So, you can see how many tycoon-turning-into-politicians spend much of their money to build up a communication business, like Online News and TV Station. They'd leave us choice to see the world of how they want it to be. Then, what would we become? Their robots, who keep saying, "Hail Plankton!", just like what you see in SpongeBob Squarepants the movie. But they almost forgot back a year ago where the internet has emerged the citizen journalism. 

Just a week or two weeks ago, the IT minister finally said that Twitter is actually a dangerous thing. Well, I bet the intelligence have worked on it. You know what I mean. This IT minister is the only one from his political ride to  reach the current president's cabinet for a minister hot seat. I bet he's trying to be on top of everyone by this kind of situation. Psychological pressure. Indeed, you might have seen so many things 'unusual' from this minister through his tweets, especially on his scene, in one frame with Mrs. Michelle Obama. It hit the headline almost everywhere. He succeeded to make a real account of fame. 

After the cinemas would only have low class movies, we got this another 'punch drunk politic' show on the house of representative. Their fear and worry become what move us. Within the scene, they think they can control us once again. This time, with their command of so-called Media Control. They will ban any media which tell that this country is dark and messy for International acknowledgement. 

Their fear is my command... I bet they will ban this post soon. I will wait for the next thing those officials can do while I'm eating my fave traditional food, called Sate Padang. Happy meal, everyone!

Once I've finished this spicy food, I bet the things in the country hasn't changed for good, even until I wipe my sweat off.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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