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3:00 PM

This morning (well actually I planned to write yesterday night) I'm writing this at the dawn, listening to John Mayer's album 'Battle Studies'. The 3 first songs recharge my mood after the whole hectic situation in my country. Yes! Another thing has claimed as HARAM (or stupid), what is it? UberTwitter!

Before UberTwitter has been suspended, I heard that the foreign movies (Hollywood, European, and Asian) are not going to screen in Indonesian cinemas. Why? The government has raised the tax, so MPA has decided not to deliver movies to this f*cing stupid, uncivilized, country. We're soooo going to be like in the Saudi. Women, get your burqa soon and we're going to be HARAM! Ugh...

Anyway, with this Dilmah Tea on my table, I feel like writing so here I am writing what has been through lately. Yesterday, after all the mess on school stuff, the 5th semester's exams are over. Whew... It's been tough! And I have the results of my International Examination, too. For my CSv, I got First Class Pass Distinction, yay! Before, I didn't get that result for my EBC. Only PASS. That's ok, anyway.

I wanna tell you that I was not so healthy. I got a couple times of hard-breathing probs and slept only 1-3 hours a day in a week! Err... Yes, working is still going for me, too. So lack of post, that's why.

I haven't improved anything on my bedroom look. My mom and I are still looking for some materials and decor for my bedroom. The very important thing is to upgrade the cupboard. I will post the pic once it's done. 

Oh, Book Drum Tournament 2011! I join it again and I will go with Sultana, a book by Jean Sasson. I will post the review and what I think personally regarding what I have read in this blog. Wish me luck! The prize is so tempting to me and I want is so bad. If you wanna know more about the competition, you can check Book Drum's website

As I didn't have the book, I ordered it at Kinokuniya. Yes, this is the second time I ordered a book. Whoaa.. it felt like they're granted my wish! Thank's so much Kinokuniya Jakarta! And I bought two other books. For my surprise I found another book by J.D. Salinger, "Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters", and old lit book, "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens, published by Penguin Classic with a beautiful cover.

Now, I'm going to try some challenges for card-making. It's so fun and interesting. That would be a great encouragement for me to keep on design card with scrapbook style. So loving it! Guys, try it too sometimes. You would like to play with the rubber stamp... hehehe

I bought some card-stock and patterned paper. Some ideas have been popped in my head and I'm ready to make it real on those papers with a pack of rub-ons I just bought and two more ink for my cute rubber stamps. 

I will post some new posts for Photoblog, and my critics to what's happening lately to my country, and many other stuff. Feeling so creative and excited in this dawn. The multitasking mood is back free....

P.S.: Finally, I tried Soup Spoon at GrandIndo. Well.. not bad! =)


 ...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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