Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Wake-up Call

Last week, I was sick. I got a test on Friday and I didn't sleep the night before. I drank a cup of Malay Nescafe and it opened my eyes wide awake all night long. I wanted to write a blog or something, but I couldn't. Something's felt not right to me if I use my time for out-of-school matters when it's exam week.

I could do the test well on Fri, did some couple of business like submitting photos to the editorial team and all. And part of my time wasted just to wait for my academic staff to meet me and give explanation of their negligence and ignorance that my sister's certificate hasn't been done! She was graduated in 2003. But the academic mistyped her name and my sis claimed to them to change it, but till now, they haven't done anything! Let's give applause?

Completely, I needed to sleep that day but the academic really took my time and my patience. Even I almost fell asleep for a couple moments on the cab along my way home. Thankfully, the cab driver didn't try to cheat or did something worse. It's reported many times about naughty kind of cab driver. No one could thoroughly be trusted in this country. A few blackberry messanger's message came up, and the vibrations woke me up while I was almost drown in my sleep on the cab. So saved by the bell, I could say.

I got home, went to bed and slept from afternoon to midnight. Again, I was wide awake in the middle of the night. But my body was too hurt to move or to do something. I had cancelled some appointments, plans and didn't write. I thought I needed some coffee or tea. I did drink that Malay coffee and my sleep schedule was messed up again during the weekends. So not productive. My body got weaker each day. Low physical or health condition wouldn't let me be the person I should be.

I'm a hardworker girl. The future modern lady who doesn't need a guy to stand up tall, but a cup of coffee! Naked (freedom) and caffeinated!

But, it can't be denied that my energy just runs away from me and that's the first thing I need to regain. So that I could continue to be myself again. The Malay coffee had quite strong caffeine and lack of drinking water killed me again. 5 years ago, I was diagnosed to have some kind of urology probs, then developed to kidney infections.

Smile when I'm sick, coz I was with my bunny too!
On Sunday, I didn't sleep again coz I couldn't. The urology prob devil came back. All night was spent by me going back and forth to the bathroom and felt the pain. Then I remember on some bad news I got a day ago. It happened to some acquitance of my friend who just died suddenly. Another wake-up-call. I forgot the first one, then it came back to remind me again. My life can stop anytime possible. I got complications and bad medical history, and worse, I live in Indonesia where anything bad always happens. I don't know when I might close my eyes forever.

So far, I always thought for my job in advance. I would leave family and friend's matter for work. My jobs were my priorities. The things that can force me to wake up and try to stand is my work and business. I developed ulcer from stress and work. Work can make me skipped my lunch time and lose my sleep time. Coffee was always the one and only I got during hectic times. Being caffeinated always saved me those times. And now, things change. Not on being caffeinated, but it's on me, my work and my time.

Better time management, better health and more quality time with friends and family would be my first priorities. You can work till your lungs broken and got a lot of money, but it would be nothing if you fell sick and no one around you. You wouldn't be happy if you have everything, but you got no one to spend with and it would be useless you got to spend it for only curing your sickness.

I might forget once that I'm not a superman, batman, or any other name it! People are well-considered by their work ethics, passion and personalities, but we are also limited to achieve the best of all as we're all just human beings.

Take care
Bree.... xoxo

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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