Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Bday Girl

It's dawn... a few moments past twelve at night, it's my birthday already. Where am I? Behind my laptop, writing this post, with thoughts flying over inside my head and my blackberry keep ringing of Facebook notifications, text messages, BBm, and calls. Coffee? Oh it's there, less than half meter away from me.

The day is just the same like other days. Sleep late, wake up late. Coffee, 2 cups a day. Teach, and luckily no college classes as I'm in holiday. Only I share some chocos I have ordered to my colleagues and students. Not much difference.

According tradition in my family is that every bday person has to eat noodles, hoping that he/she would have a long life. I don't want it. Hahaha... I'm serious and... but c'mon, I eat noodles almost everyday! Would that change anything? 

Here's card I designed a few weeks ago, actually it's for my cyberfriends, Katerine, who celebrated her bday on 12th February and Chloe on 22nd February. I know it's too late, but better than never. 
I missed the coffee and cream challenge, so I made bday card alike of coffee and cream. I played with my rubber stamp and with new ink pads. Charcoal and Cherry. It goes so sweet with pink Copic marker. Some of the beetle I left blank without copic marker colour.

The Beetles...
I'm happy to know that many friends are still care about me, and my family as well (no matter what kind of drama we had the other day). Despite the time differences between Asia and Europe and North America or anywhere else, they still contact me to say Happy Birthday. To me, it's much than I could expect to happen.

No cake, no party, everything just goes as it is. I like it this way. I'm more to something like calm and intimate with love ones. So sad that there are so many people I love who live far far away, yet we're so close inside. No problem. I think I could live with that.

I'm 21 years old and there's not much I haven't done in my life. I feel so old and I need to rush on things I wanna pursue. My time isn't much enough and time just run so fast. If life is a train, I want it to stop, or if I have to wreck it for it stops a moment, I would do it.

Within so many painful drama on my bday, I have made some decisions of what I'm going to do in my life. Soon.... things will change and show its progress. I believe so. I'm 21. I'm ready to move on and make a leap.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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