Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Copy My Style! Get Your Own!

Here's another confession, or, let's say... my other speak up. Once in this blog, my first Speak Up was about my school's academic staff who treated me badly. But this time, I'm going to blog about my friend, sadly I just couldn't get any proof to show, or it would be so obvious to me showing her identity.

She would take it personally, seriously... so you know. Coz, the thing is that the habit here, she would not see and look inside herself, but conclude that I'm playing with fire with her. But, you know what? It's not me, but it's her who started.

The story is... I hate to know that one of my besties is a copycat of mine! Can you believe after years of friendship, you find that she wants to be you? Why you? Why does she has to do it?

What she did? She makes almost the same picture like mine which I have ever shown on my BlackBerry Messenger! Twice. I know some of her personal background, including her family, her love life, her dreams and all. I know what and who she is. It was shocking to know that she wants to be me, through her profile pictures on Blackberry Messenger.

I know it's not the new me in this Naked and Caffeinated blog to show my anger or something. But I really wanna share something like this. I mean, you trust a person as your besties and she said the same to you, about you. Treat you, so. But, why? I can't get the idea. I'm not even a superstar.

Some say that it could be she's jealous of you inside, and that she can't be as good as you. And that point leads to her copycat-ing scene, coz she can't do more. I wonder? But tell me, what would you do if you found the same case? I know it's not something new. I have met some people who did this to me, but none of them was my close friend.

Just today, I feel like I'm betrayed by another person I thought as best friend.

I'll choose to be silent and keep cool about this. Stay elegant! I won't talk about this to her, or anyone in our circle. Maybe, just one person, ONLY. If she ever reads this and all, I don't care. I don't think that she would even notice and realize that I was talking about her in this post. My friend cheered me up and said to me, "You're different!" He stated again, "That's why she wants to be you." Maybe, he's right. Now, I realize the advantage of being yourself. Not that people will get jealous of you and doing copycat, but you lead, in the end. And that's how I want myself to be.


So this actually inspired me to make a card. A 'Special Note' for my copycat!

Be Different! The only way to LEAD!

I hope you guys enjoy this silly story hehehehe =)

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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  1. Hi Miss Reith,

    It's funny hearing you say all this because I've been through something very similar. I had a friend who over time would start to copy me and imitate me with a lot of things. It actually got to the point that he would come over and visit me every night, like seven days a week and his girlfriend at the time would complain about how much time outside of work he used to spend with me.

    At first I was a little bit flattered but then after a couple of years of this it really did start to annoy me and no matter how nicely I asked him to stop obsessing over me like coming over to my place every night of the week he would stop for a week or two and then would start right back up again.

    I would even ignore his phone calls and then pretend I wasn't home but then I'd go outside and see his car coming round the corner really slowly with his headlights off. It was too much.

    I came to realise he probably looked up to me a bit being a strong and different kind of person as he wasn't really but I had to eventually end the friendship.

    Just keep doing you thing Miss Reith :)



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