Friday, March 4, 2011

Many Many Many Cute Stuffs

Jeez, time does really fly high... I'm in the 6th semester now in college. So, one and a half more year to go to graduate. Wish me luck!

I wanna share you things I shopped recently. After filling the study form on Wednesday, I visited CityWalk and found a book fair. It was very very little bookstore. You can't even find Coelho's book there. But there are lots of comic books, self-help, IT, culinary, and children's books. The price goes very cheap. I bought 2 comic books (it's Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge, my favourite) for Rp 12.500 each (= $1)  and 2 novel series for Rp 15.000 each (= $1 something).

 It's Jumbo Size of Donald Duck Comic Books. I got 4 bonuses of posters and a full page stickers of the characters. Nice!

There's a page where there'a circle of Donald's graphics changes from year to year. Good way to nostalgia.

I bought the 4th series of Uncle Scrooge's edition and the whole comic story tells about the life of Uncle Scrooge. They're all in Indonesian. But who cares? I care only the picture. Hahahaha.... I'm a still a book-geek, don't worry. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to pictures, especially comic books like this, I don't pay attention much to the text. Sorry to say... The graphics catch my eyes more.

For Uncle Scrooge's, the bonus is a pack to keep all those 4 series of Scrooge's edition. But funny, for Indonesian translations, I don't know where the translator got the translation for the name. Like for Gyro, his name is translated to LangLingLung, and even for Scrooge himself, is Gober, while Paman is really the correct and exact English translation for Uncle.

The two novels I bought was the ones I have been longing for... K'Tut Tantri. It's a story tells about an American woman who was adapted by Balinese royal family to become a princess.

Not much that I can tell about the book yet. I haven't read any single pages, even I haven't taken off the plastic cover. But I like the cover and everything about cross-cultural and Balinese stuff and I was Bali kid many years ago.

Those novels would give me more insights of what I missed about Bali. I was so young and not so much I could bear to know and keep in mind.

And I got this! My friend, Sally, has an online show selling cute stuffs. I ever ordered a baby shorts for my one-year-old nephew and a cellphone case. Now I got 2 frying pans with Doraemon and Hello Kitty's faces! You can use it pancake or other recipes. Can't wait!!!

And oh, I got two tickets, 3-day pass and special show of Santana, for JavaJazz festival this year. So, excited... I can't wait for Corrine on Friday and Saturday for Santana. Besides, this is gonna be my first time! Promise, more photos and stories up on this blog =)


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