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On Duty for Theater Festival Jakarta

IKJ building. How artsy!
Actually it was last year in December, I was kinda out-sourced for helping Jakarta's Theatre Festival internal media. It was in DKJ (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta). I attended the workshop and then I came for taking pictures and some other journalistic tasks. It was fun and challenging, as it's a very demanding job. Besides, I did it in new place which is so awkward to me. But the people were so welcoming, even very welcoming. Hahaha... when people go hard on you, you feel uncomfortable, then instead, very warm welcome would make you feel odd.

Anyway, I'm happy that I met new interesting people, new friends and new networks! That's what's more valuable... I hope I can maintain my relations with them.

Here's some pics I took during the festival. And if you remember I ever showed you some pics of the magazine with my selected photos published on this post. So now, I fulfilled my promise =)

Book Launch
In the afternoon at lunch time, I attended a book launch about Drama Script Anthology and took some pics. I didn't pay attention much to this book launching, as I was sent late to the venue. There's a book stand opened during the day. They sold books, classic literature of Indonesian writers in English and many other contemporary literary books. What were even better? Those books were sold in lower price. Those are good read books and nice for your collection.

It's from Lontar Publisher

The speakers

Greeting cards with traditional Indonesian design

"Promoting Indonesia Through Literature"

"Xiau Ling" 
Funny story with nice actors. The story was about a native boy who happened to be a secret son of the town ruler. He fell in love with a Chinese girl whom would be proposed by his father.

Unknowing he had a son, the town ruler insisted to marry the 14-year-old Chinese girl to have a son that would be his successor and planned to divorce all of his previous four wives. 

With little humor, the theatre tells us about the impact of pride in great power. The story also gave us view of a love story between the Chinese and native Indonesian in Java islands in the past. It could happen beautifully despite the nowadays racial discrimination between the two.

We moved to the small theatre stage called Teater Kecil (Small Theater) after dinner. I've been there before. My first time was watching my dear friend's show, You and Me, by Philippe Bizot, French mime actor. It was nice, very cold, yet I got a better spot to take pics for the next show.

Teater Kecil
The judges for Theatre Festival
I was there!

Nol Karat Theatre Group with "Kotak" (=Square)
This one was quite interesting. More like "Inception" movie. It was full of the character's reflections through the lines and they finally realized that they were actually in a dream, and later, the audiences were shocked by the fact that they were in a some kind of part of a dramaturgy.

Before I attended 'Kotak', I spent a little time in an exhibition held there. It was a tribute for the late, Rendra.

Rendra was an Indonesian poet and writers. 2 years ago he passed away. That time, when I was sent to be a reporter and photographer for the Theater Festival, the exhibition was held right in time for me to know more about what he had done in Indonesian literary. I don't have a good Indonesian grammar, but I'm in love with the literary, especially from the classics to the 70s era. There were also books sold, mostly about him. 

The exhibtion

All the books sold

This is about regional theatre club documentation exhibition
Wanna try to wear?
Nice arrangement
Various Theatre Stuff Collection
Me, taking pics of myself  =p
Amateur model took advantage of posing in nice place. LOL
They have their own Oscar statue!
Maybe I would try to join some regional theatre soon, too
Love the comical puppet character
Some books sold in the exhibtion
Conceptual and deep-meaning photograph of Rendra
One of strong quotes of poets and writers, pasted on the wall 

And, P.S, if you come to this event, especially you're art, film, literary lovers bring much cash and just be careful with it. Why? I didn't bring much cash. There were nice books sold (like I shared the pics above to you) and I couldn't pay them with my card! So I missed it, only the pics of the book cover I got. Hahaha... The next day, the book stand was different one. So sad!

That's a wrap for today! See you in the next post =)

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