Monday, March 14, 2011

Theater Festival Jakarta 2010 Day 2

Yes, it was 2010, but I have my time to share it in 2011. Guess, it's ok, right? Better late than never. What sounds even better? I'm in the mood of fulfilling my promise! =)

So my second day fell on 19 December 2010 (the first day was on the 18th), exactly 5 days before the Christmas. Just like the first day, there were 2 theatre shows to watch and one discussion, not a book launch anymore. And like what I have written in the previous post on my first day, the book stand was different from the other day.

To be honest I was quite bored at the lunch-time discussion, so I randomly took pics at the architecture of the building.

Balcony of Jakarta Theatre Room
Outer window of the whole building

It looks neat

The discussion ended almost at lunch time. I took my lovely lunch and submitted some photos and things needed for the editorial. Then I set my place on the venue of the next show at Teater Luwes. I arrived 30 minutes earlier. It took only 5 minutes by fast walking from the office to the place. Nice, huh? 

I love animals and I was surprised to see some animals kinda stranded... or strolling around the Teater Luwes. I took some pics of them when I was waiting for the venue to be full of visitors.

Sleepy head kitty
Here's sitting the doggy!

Hi doggy!

So sleepy... Power nap mode ON!
Here are some pictures 15 minutes before the show started:

Mr. Seno in cream-coloured shirt, a theatre reviewer
Loyal visitor did the registration

Perguruan (The Boarding School)
The story is about the students in religion-based boarding school in the middle of Paderi War. Although the school is strictly Islamic religious, the students belonged to the school can't even skip the natural sinful behaviour to be the winner/ruler/hero among others. The rivalry among them become a barrier to live within the truth just like what they have learned from the boarding school.

Stasiun (The Station)
Two middle-aged couple are in the station, waiting for the train. Somehow, what's happening in the time being is what represents what they've been looking for in their whole lives of fear, hope and confusions.

That's all. I actually got the call for the closing show around 25th -26th, but it was Christmas, so I rejected. In 2010, I'd lack of quality time with my family, especially to my niece and nephew. On this occasion, I feel it's the right time to. Besides, my 10-year-old niece is having holiday, of course, so she had sleep over for a few days. 

She has spent some nights, but I couldn't be at home to play with her. So she was a bit disappointed of course. Then, I promise to be at home for Christmas. Sounds like in the movie, huh?

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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