Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#aTeacher'sStory - (Part2-a) Work, Surprises, and Police Station

My second day... What makes any different? From the shocking day before to sickening morning classes at campus. What a nice first teaching day opening! Nothing changes except the fact that I would meet the teacher I was replacing, and my students.

Couldn't believe that I needed to be really hurry to leave school and headed to work. I usually could spent a little time for group work after lectures were over and even to visited some cinemas nearby for some new movies. I would miss taking a nap, too, for sure!

I was asked to come at 2pm again and the girl I was going to replace would come at the same time, so we could meet and talk about the whole things I needed to know and to prepare. From the first day, I could conclude that I would meet those two classes I had to teach, the curriculum, the text books they used and the kids. After that, that would be continued with the scene where I had to go to the police station, regarding the loss of my wallet.

I met my bosses when I got there and they were really sorry. "We're so ashamed that something like this could happen you," Mr. Gerry said. 

Then, they insisted to reimburse the money I lost. "No, it's not your fault, no need to change the money. I could let it go," I said. But they refused and kept insisting, so I could jump to conclusion that those people were so nice to me. 

That day I was kinda late actually, but yet, that girl I was replacing was even worse. 2.10pm and she was still nowhere in sight. The call was supposed to be at 2pm because her classes started at 2.30pm, my boss hoped that maybe that girl and I could chat or discuss more about the whole situation that would enable me to replace her better. While waiting for her, my manager told me that the boy I met who had some kind of syndrome or anything...was in my class! Surprise!

"His name is Reza and he lacks of his parents' control and attention," said Mr. Gerry. "So if you think he's kinda weird, yes he is, but so you know why....I'm hoping that you could give him more attention."

That drew much of my attention. I, mostly, took a pity to such children who became victims of a couple of parents who actually weren't ready to have kids, but just because of society shits they were rush to have kids, or maybe even to get married as young as possible.When these kinds of parents weren't ready, they were more not read to handle their emotion if there were any problems between them, and worse when they had kids and couldn't get enough patience to handle the worsening situation.

What I mean with worsening situation is when a child is growing up so fast and you can't understand how, while you have your job demands fulfilled no matter what... you might call yourself crazy and start blaming dan regreting. Parents think that they play the worst part, but they don't realize that the children would play the more worst part than theirs. Negativity like this would go through many generation chains, exactly the same when you pass the fear through chain letters/emails/broadcast message.

So, the former teacher.... there she went. She came at 2.25pm.

She said hi to me and exchanged  names. The name was Jean. Funny thing was we agreed that we didn't look stranger to each other. But both of us forgot where had we met before. The one thing I knew was she was a friend of my long-lost high school fan! Small world, as always, isn't it? As she was late and the time got too near for the class to start, then we both went upstairs with the kids.

We got into a classroom with the same type like yesterday's class but only it was on the 3rd floor. Jean introduced me to the kids while I was extending my hands to wave at them. "Miss Bree will be the one who teaches you from now on," she said to the kids. No one asked why she left. I thought they'd already known before.

Jean turned to the chair and took the book the class used, "This one is the student book and the other one book!" I didn't ask anything, instead I was waiting for more explanation which I thought she was going to give. Umm... but she didn't! "They're already smart! No need to worry... Good luck with them!"

....that's it?

Where's the discussion? Where's the talk about the kids I need to give more attention to? What are weaknesses each of them has?

...continue...a suivre....



Let's get a time to have fun! Get some games and don't ever underestimate the Power of Cards!
You can make your own card to help the students have a good time with memorizing vocabs, synonyms, and antonyms. It is also possible to hold a game with questions and answers, like giving riddles.

How? Easy Peasy... just cut a piece of carton paper into square or rectangle shapes 5x5, 6x6 or 7x3 (in centimetres). My suggestions made the question and the answer in different colour. So it's easier to differ to know how many question cards or answer cards one has.

This will help the students to memorize when it's fun and the children are surely into it.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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