Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#aTeachersStory - Introduction

It's been a one year and 3 months, I have been working as a teacher. I started at January, 4th 2010, and now it's time to quit.


I was only 19 when I started to teach. At first, like other new comer to employment, I hunted some place where I thought it could be a right and suitable place for me, regarding for the location, schedule and my skill and experience. Decision had to be surely considered as I was still at school and I chose to prioritize it above my work.

When I found a place to teach, I noted the phone number. Then, I dialed the number when I got home and found out more about the place, the schedule, and any other information as much as an outsider like me could have, for my consideration. I sent my CV after I made a decision. That time, I didn't know what was in my mind. Being a teacher was then later becoming a big question to me. How could I be so confidence for applying the job?

I was still underage and had just got into sophomore year. Young and rebellious. I cannot control myself some time and so do my parents. No one can control me. I had no idea that how I could control my future students. For academic background, I have been studying Communications, not Education. Besides, I didn't have any certifications for teaching, like CELTA. What's worse? Once, I was a bullied girl at school. How can I encounter bullying that might happen in my class? What change can I make?

Teaching has never been my dream. But oh yeah, I remember when I was a child, I enjoyed playing with other friends, pretending to be teacher and students. In reality? It's never been my passion. Many things interest me and made me to be this kind of person. First, I wrote a poem, then a novel. Though, it was badly rejected, I kept writing. Until I published my blog, anonymously, in 2008. Besides writing, I made short movies in 3d animation too. Other things that are counted as weird and rare to my family are my favourites, including Philosophy studies. I can list anything I want to try, learn and live with easily, but teaching has never got a space in my plan.

Yet, being a teacher gives me something I never have expected before. The challenges, the people, the feedback you gain...all of them! Sometimes, I think I've been so lucky.

Teaching many kinds of students reflected me of what kind of person I have become. Who I am now, somehow, is related to my unforgettable past. I can't avoid it. At first, it was like a slap to my face, seeing the bitter truth in my childhood and mistakes I'd done in my teenage years. My heart told me that all I need was to fix everything that has laid behind my shadow.

It's time for me to say that it's enough. I have experience, something good to undergo, big lessons for my adolescence and new networks. I'm happy about it and I said to myself if this would be end. The whole process and surviving scenes were all my initial adventure-like part of life. It's over, it really is. The results of my students' English are great, despite the whole crazy learning barriers, they're great. Just great. It's done. I'm done there.

I was a teacher, and I am happy. It's time for another adventure!

More story, I will share in this blog, under "A Teacher's Story" label. All of my experience, funny stories and even bad documentation. It's time to open up, be honest and share. I will also post some tips, recommendations and some teaching materials I have found on the net, made by someone or by myself, in each post of the story. Who knows you need it!

All the characters are mentioned in the story or blogmeme A Teacher's Story (#ateachersstory) are with false name and not real name for some reasons. To do the ethics, I'd rather not share anything related to my bosses and some colleagues. 

Remember good teachers...
A change started from education and education needs you to deliver the change.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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