Monday, April 4, 2011

Film - A Watching Guidelines

Film. What is film for you? Do you ever care that the exciting stuff called movie is a part of media, that could possibly transfer someone’s idea and influence to you, the viewers?

It doesn’t work like a newspaper or online news. Except documentary, the whole content works as a reconstruction of a reality. The creator creates certain characters to play certain roles which cause the certain events that lead to a point. That point is what the creator would like to communicate with us, the watchers. It is entertaining, emotionally dragging, and has a useful lesson in the conclusion.

So, knowing the fact of a film. What could you expect in watching a film? Is it the story? The moral lesson? The impressive effects?

I ever had a job in translating a movie script, and a few experience in movie making. Does it take a short time to express an idea into an art? No! From the planning, the production and even the post-production phase, nothing is even easy. The more time we spent for more deeper understanding and developing the ideas is better. More concrete and certain... it's going to be accounted film. 

The longer duration in the making process is, somehow, more accepted for viewers and lead them into curiosity to watch the movie, and to score the quality. If you see awards show for film industry, there's no award for the longest making process duration. 

They, the real artist in film industry, really got a talent and enough knowledge in movie thingy and are able to evaluate the best aspect in a movie to be credited for. As in a movie, there are so many aspects to judge and to be given credit. In one movie, it is impossible to claim it's thoroughly a good art project without cracking the whole particles that associated into a one piece of movie.

The well-done preparation and on-field work is highly considered. So if you see a movie that doesn't care about the whole aspect for deeper and ready results, what do you think? Especially, when the director only pays attention to the duration of the making process and leaves all behind the other important aspects in a movie? Of which the other important effects actually give what we, the viewers or film lover, are looking for and respect for in a movie.

It is funny or unthoughtful...or careless, let's say, to finish and publish a movie just to achieve a record in the fast-making process and lack of well preparation and consideration in each aspect.

Good luck to watch a movie. Be selective! Don't get disappointed. Keep critical and just. And be wise in making a movie, then!

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