Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Was Caught Red-handed... with Smoke in My Room!

The song In My Room by Utada has been playing IN MY ROOM. I set my media player on my laptop to keep playing that song. It IS stuck in my head. Until today, 2 April 2011, it's still playing.

Actually that song kinda make me realized what was happening....

I just went home from a friend's bday. We were partying, and took some shots. Most of people there were smoking, too. I didn't smoke. Never. Somehow, the smell of the smoke was too strong and rest in my hair and clothes.

...what happened before...
I got home and came into my room, with the song kept playing. When my mom opened the door for me, she looked at my face, all red. At first, I didn't realize it. After I put everything in my room and got to my bedroom, the mirror told me so well and clearly. How a mirror can be so honest? My #randomthoughts. Oaahh... My face was still so much red. I looked like a boiled shrimp! Complete red! On the same day, it was also the day of the Reds (Manchester United) match. Was there any correlation with those two premises?

I spent my time in my bedroom with tidying up. Just a moment after, I joined my mom and my sis who apparently hadn't gone to bed yet. I knew it.... "Were you out drinking?", my mom asked. "Yes," I replied. My mom kept silent. "Why? Just a little. Is that a problem?" My mom still didn't say a thing. I knew she was kinda shocked. but relieved as I was home already before midnight.

...what happened next...
I opened my bedroom door and the smell of smoke rose up to my nose. Oh jeez... it's smelled like a room of a smoker. And, I didn't smoke. NEVER. Not that I really love the environment...yes I do love the environment, but it's not why I didn't smoke. Well, we could talk about it later why. It's not a problem to me about smoker or smoking stuff. But my family! They really hate it. And my baby nephew likes to play in my room and it's not good for him to come in when it's so cigar smelly.

And, I was thinking, just to stay cool with this smell in my room. I didn't smoke anyway. If my mom found out and asked whether I smoked, I would tell her to find if there's a cigarette box in my bag, or anywhere in my room.

What Happened Five Minutes Later...

Stressed out! I was screaming in my mind, how to get rid of the smell! You had no idea how stupid I would become when I got panicked. It is obvious I can't get a healthy sleep with this smell so strong in my room.
Believe me... when I said that my first aid to this situation is to spray my Victoria's Secret Perfume every side in my room, my clothes that hung in display hangar, my blanket, my pillow and my animal stuffs!! So they got the same smell like I got when I left the room for the party. Exciting, isn't it?

... it didn't work!

Suddenly, I remember the Balinese aromatherapy I usually use. I got the lighter and burned on top of it, for the good smell of jasmine and musk spreading into my room and get rid of the cigarette smell.

... it got worse!

I ran out of idea. Seriously! I remember I have a bookshelf of good books and thinking whether I ever bought a book, entitled "To Get a Better Room for Geeky Idiots" with one of the chapters called "How to Have a Fresh and Good Smell for Your Room" I tried to think so hard, getting a better idea on anything in my room I could use to re-freshen up the air. But yes, I found it! My Japanese lotion! Am I looked even more stupid than ever now?

I poured down much of them onto my skin. Hoping it would work. spreading the Japanese Blossom Flower smell. Usually, the smell of the lotion spread when I use it, or when my baby nephew plays with it. looked like nothing happened!

Argh! I wanna die. Could I sleep like this? And what about my baby nephew? Each morning, he would try to knock on my door, trying to get in. It would lead me to trouble if the smokey smell still stuck in here, just like the song I can't stop till now. The aromatherapy freshener spray!

It's Jasmine again. I sprayed it everywhere. The smell of the Jasmine was too weak and soft, just like the real flower. The cigar smells beat it. Can I just faint? Hard to breathe in here....

I have no fan. I only use Air Conditioner and I checked the settings on the remote control. The fan of the AC has worked. All of them. I can't get the fan in my living room to be in my room. So, I decided to make my own fan. How? With swinging my door! It was swinging and produces some air in my bedroom. I didn't open my window as it would lead me into another problem. Opening and closing my door, swinging it, would help the circulation of the air from inside to outside I thought. 

... not so much helping, apparently!

There's no fan but I could make one myself. I got my big and thick... (and heavy) towel. I don't know how a towel could be a bit heavy by the way. So, What did I do? I fanned my room with my towel! Beating the air with it. If you think I was getting crazy, maybe you're right. That's why I would thank you for realizing it. 

... still no miracle!

Will continue this... until I really got caught red-handed the next morning!
Bye.... - Bree-

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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