Thursday, April 14, 2011

Recurring History

Last week, I took a one-day break from my work to attend a seminar after school. I thought it was an interesting seminar and I shouldn't miss it.

There were also job vacancy booth from 2 companies. Interesting! That would be good, I thought, if I could try. My principles, nothing to lose. Let's say if I'm not accepted, maybe it's not my luck, nor I am not qualified enough. There would be other place that needs me and my skill. Now, I'm still in 6th semester and I need to have an internship in the 6th. It's not the time yet, but at least, I could try to start from now. The earlier the better.

So they gave me the form to complete. Something always attracts me of a form to fill in. Any kind of form. So cute! My childish side =P It goes so fun to write down your study, interest, objectives and work experience. I'm so happy and proud with the things that I've undertaken in my life. Then, I gave them back after I completed the form. They're so nice and friendly. I like them.

This is my 3rd year. I'm going to finish my Bachelor degree studies in one more year. When I was in my last year of high school, I remember, I also went through this kind of situation and feeling. Nothing to lose. All I wanted was to know whether I was credible for special intake from several universities. And what universities would accept me. That also made me looked cool, as it's limited-edition-alike intake.

What do I mean with 'Special Intakes"? Special intake is like an intake from a university that opens earlier than the common intake. The special intake is open for students with academic or non-academic excellence. The terms and conditions demands differently in each university. Mostly, it opens for Top 10 students with certain average grade (which is very high), but there's also a university that opens a special intake for students that are not only in the Top 10 and have above average grade, but also have a non-academic leadership and involvements. I have them all!

What's good? The form from all universities were free so I can enroll to many different universities and no need to pay even a rupiah for that. It's all free. What is other good stuff? You'll need no entry test! And....if you're accepted, you could have less expensive college tuition! What makes you relieved? You would have a clear path on what university you will go. Some people are worried when they are late or not accepted anywhere.

From all universities I have applied, surprisingly they all accepted me.

But I ended up in a college where, at that time, didn't have that kind of special intake, so I got to enroll with an entry test. Funny me?

I can't believe I face this kind of situation where I try as many as possible again. But I already have my target and I would do anything to fulfill it.

I think to apply a job is not about making impressions, instead, you need to show what you've made so far in your life to achieve your goal and dream and what could you do for the work you'll do!

Good luck... I hope you all enjoying your day like I do =)

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