Sunday, April 3, 2011

Too Far From A Frame

Hey lovely...
Yes, you!
....the one in blank white t-shirt...
sitting on the ground, looking at your camera display screen
your eyes staring so close to those pixels
that are integrated into a girl you just took pic of

A silent picture kept you too deep
inside the world you breathe
the one I'm trying to be
the one I'm trapped as an art

Your freedom speaks virtually
too much unwritten, nothing unspoken
While I have my words flying in the sky
seen by people below me
blown by the air
but you took the wrong way to reach me

Hey boy!
c'mon look close to me
real me, not your creature
find my beauty from your eyes

i'm letting you know that I'm touchable
come closer, get into me, and brush your eyelashes to mine
feel the beat of my heart and whisper me your freedom

Let's make our own world
Fly those pixels
Discover me without your lens
I have too much to share,
such a small place in one frame

Standing before you now
I'm not the only one you see from one shot
Put everything down...
Go around me and question me
You've wasted my time!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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