Monday, May 30, 2011

Rest and Rest

(If you ever read this) You might be bored of me saying 'my so-called wake up call just came up'. It's been like the hundred times (read: couple times) I've said that. Yet, I never call it quit!

Quit? From my school, work(s), hobbies, to other naughty stuffs (let's say, blogging). I love it, and just can't stop doing what I love (for this one, let's say it as the reason I can't have a date, beside the fact I'm a nerd!!)

Last week, I couldn't go to school on Monday. That's because...

One day before, on Sunday, I had a meeting at 12pm and I was almost late. I woke up juist 2 hours before the meeting starts. Then, I rushed to the office without taking any meal.

My tummy started to hurt one hour after the meeting. I was hoping that I would get food after the meeting was over. Yet, my friend asked me to join her and got some meal aaannndd.....we continued 6 hour journey after that. I went home late and that means... I missed my dinner (again).

I did buy some drugs as acid reducer. Somehow, it didn't work any good. My tummy hurt again that night and continue hurting till the morning! I took a couple of zantax and finally it healed me! How I love American drug...

Yet, I got stumbled on my eating schedule on Tuesday and almost killed me at night. Wednesday I felt better, but then I got sick again, Friday afternoon.The third incident cost me 2 meeting cancelations on Saturday. I thought it wasn't a good idea. But, it turned out good.

Sleep, sleep, sleep!
It's been like forever I never had my weekend at home. Only one day of two days of the weekend. I had a quality time with my mom, nephew and niece, and a little time with my dolls. I could tidy up my bedroom, play some games....but still.... I had to work on some articles as I'm applying for a new job and those 3 articles were one of the things for me to get accepted. Also I needed to recheck on my team's work for a national newspaper. Things got crazy actually at the last moment... Yet, I had my quality time anyway!

The points is....full time to rest. Not to work!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

PhotoBlog: Foods In Row

Mrs. Liem's cupcake in Bandung

Taken from CameraPhone...sorry for the blur part =(

Pastel colours! Pretty baby?


Twin Chocos

Campus' Sushi

Mochi mochi

Pineapple Cookie
...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Coming Back!

I think it has been couple times I changed this and that in my blog, before the major changing, which was stepping onto another blog, make a new name, tagline and concept. Now, I declare along with this post that I'm going to make some major changes.
First, I would step back (not with the URL) to The Interesting Stranger (with the same blog adresss, Naked and Caffeinated would be only history. Before people I ask why, I would like to share why I named it "Naked and Caffeinated". 
  • I'm a coffee addict until I hurt my kidney by having too much of it (everyday in my whole life)
  • Naked means literally without wearing anything when I'm writing. It might sound weird, funny or whatever, but somehow, I feel so goddamn creative when I'm without clothes intact.
  • Naked can be also meant to be honest. I didn't lie or try to cover anything wrong on what it is wrong with me and anything else.
  • Getting naked and having coffee make me write, at least, they actually make me able to concentrate and feel comfortable with my surrounding. Alone in my bedroom.
 That's what I mean with Naked and Caffeinated title. But ever since I have posted about my japanese Satanic doll, Irae (My Little Sister Irae-chan), look what has happened:

Hey baby, you just got stuck in my blog!

So, according to my blog statistic, many people used the keywords around 'naked', 'little', and 'sister'....they actually seek for porn! 

Thanks to the search engine for giving the wrong web, so the page views of my blog hit up a bit. Just a bit! Yes, a bit, literally! 

By this week, the page views to that specific blogpost has reached 3 clicks. I'm not here to judge. It's normal for seeking porn, anyway. But, I just don't feel it's nice to keep these people keep getting lost to my blog and only find disappointment here of not getting any naked pics. That's why, I decided to change the name. Then, the search engine wouldn't let them come to this blog with those three keywords. 

Maybe that wouldn't be much difference, but at least, it could make my blog less appearing in the results. Let's hope so! =)

Secondly (and the last), I've been thinking to merge my review blog to this blog of mine. It's going to be easier and more practical when I want to show my blog to someone or some people, or, even when I want to put a  link somewhere. Two blogs must need some more spaces and lines to be mentioned somewhere like in a business card, or even in the Twitter Bio's Website space. 

Yet, like what I have done to my first and previous blog, I would keep it alive, only it's not going to be updated. I'm also going to merge the review blog to this one. There have been so many memories that I can't just leave there. I want to bring them along. Those memories like the previous reviews and comments are meant to me. They would be in this blog, right on the same date they were published at first and the comments would come along, too. 

I'm going to figure out the whole preparation for this merging. I need to work on the navigation buttons so people can access easier to the post they need or want to read. There would be also publications and all, which could be complicated sometimes. Wish me luck! (if you ever read this)

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Friends Are The Greatests!

Yay! My friends have gone one step farther from me...which means... they have published their books before me!!!!! Huaaaa..... I feel like I'm being left behind =P Guess, I've got my way too dramatic. Oh well...

So, with this blog... I wanna show you my friends' published books. I will make a review too for each books on my review blog =)

I Ordered My Wife From the Universe by Stanley Dirgapraja

Valentine Si Kembar by Tyka Dinarsasi

Jakarta Inside Out by Daniel Ziv

Well, click on the link to get some information about the books and buy them =)
Enjoy reading!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Should We Think of Others?

This is one of the latest issue got in my head.... I was asked to get the pictures of some speakers who were invited in a talk show. The person who asked me said the pictures were so important coz they would be sent to a national newspaper. SO, I have to get a very best picture of the last memorable moment NO MATTER WHAT.

...what a life of a journo...

Well, I did try my best. I stood by a few moments before and got ready to take shots with my camera. Somehow, there were some people who might be assistants of the speakers who were also asked to get the pics of their bosses. They might say it's for their documentation, but I would likely say it as a narcissism. But what annoyed me was those assistants took the pic, half meter of the stage! I was like 2 meters away and I got to find a good spot to take this so-called important-as-hell pictures. Then, I moved forward to get 1 meter closer, then a colleague from community TV walked a few steps and stood before me! I was like, omg, do you have brain?

Then, I maneuvered that TV guy and stood before him and it was looked kinda wrestling-scene from distance. Wrestled for a memorable moment to be photographed. Oh, dear...

After that scene was over, I talked to some of my seniors in the newsroom. I said to them, I tried to understand that the TV guy wanted to take pics too, so I gave him a space, yet he didn't do the same. He was like the unthoughtful speakers' assistants. One of my speakers said, "when you consider others', those people probably might not consider anything for you." 

I jumped in and said, "I don't care if people don't have hearts. What's important is that I DO have heart." I would try my best to get the pictures without abusing others' rights to do or to get what they want  and need to do. For me, if people think the same like my senior, then, this world is just....screwed. Everyone starts problem by being annoying to others and no one will try to understand and hold back their ego.

What I wanna tell you is... that this senior of mind is kinda my campus' pride. Could you believe such person favoured person think like that? And don't forget that mostly Indo would claim that they have the culture which always prioritize others first (or it can't be applied in Journalism practices?) and I often got critized for being to individualist. They said I was like a westerner. Do westerners think of themselves only? I don't think so. In this case, me, who was claimed as one, do think of others, instead of the Indo who claim the culture bla-bla-bla and don't exactly think of others. Could we say cultural mispractices?

Don't say that I'm being judgemental. I am being judgemental.. why? These people like to judge me and I think I deserve to judge them back with their fake culture claim. 

Let's forget the fact that our kindness could be used by others as the result of giving too much for people's goodness. One experience of mine was I was in hurry but I took some time to help a woman on the way to school. She was walking with crutch. All she wanted from me was to help her hand her money to a public transport driver. I did it and she was going to go across the road. And I offered to take her to the opposite road. It wasn't much far. Before she said yes, she refused coz I was looked in hurry. Then I insisted that it would be ok. I couldn't just let her go through the herds of motorcycles, cars, trucks and all, alone...with crutch. After I helped her, she said thank you. THANK YOU. Short phrase of two words that has a big meaning to me. Big meaning... too big... just for my simple help. Somehow, I didn't get anything, but only a huge happiness that I gained (and don't know why I could gain, as I spent my small time for her). 

Lastly, she said, "God bless you! Success for your school and work" It was more than anything else. I didn't expect that such support. Those words were really kind. Especially, it comes to the right time, when I was having a spiritual crisis.

It is true that we have to know and be wise knowing and deciding what's first. But prioritizing others' goodness isn't that bad, you know...

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

13 Years Ago

Exactly today, on the same date, 13 years ago...
It was close. It was around. It was real.

13 years ago, what had happened would never be forgotten.
Under the day light, true sunny day...
It was good, it was nice... it was fine.
Just in a moment. I hoped it would be turning into gloomy sky and heavy rain
thinking... the fear and the real darkness to fade, washed by the water from above
disappearing the foggy heat, and let the day just be drown

13 years ago.... It was...
but, what memories were so strong!
bringing along the bunch of questions
strings of 'who', 'what', and 'why' into everyone's mind
i was too young to witness, to hear and to feel

too ignorance to be warned,
too innocent to be frightened

13 years ago....
even now, the word 'ago' doesn't mean anything
a drop of blood was still there
kept and reminisced

a day of exiled
loneliness under endless darkness
terrorized with your own shadow
it was 13 years ago

what have been gained
what have been lost
have been buried and searched

the demons want it more
today, tomorrow, next month or next year

for another history to be added
for another sadness to cover one's decay of heart
distract us from the past

better be sleepless, in a dream, that no one can break into a country of the burned and ruined
in a land where the demons lie 6 feet under with stolen gold and pearl

dedicated to all who became the victims and to all who lived in the fear of those 2-day unstoppable riot.... my prayers for all of us.

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

Monday, May 9, 2011

PhotoBlog - Eating at Marche GrandIndo

Armed with empty tummy, it was nice to have a war with plenty food of American dose..... 

I've ever visited Marche restaurant back when I was in grade school with my sister when she was still staying in Jakarta and with my mom. The name was Marche Movenpick. A nice place in Gran Melia Hotel, Kuningan. Years away I've never visited there again, until I heard a year ago, that there was Marche in Plasa Senayan.

Yep, it's next to XXI Cinema, right across the elevator =P To be honest, I've never had time to visit that one, but then when I hanged out in my usual place, GI.... another Marche!

My friend just visited me again in Jakarta after his short stay in Canada. We decided to have a lunch together. We chose Marche. I can say it was an appropriate time to try. The difference from the previous Marche I'd ever been into is the card. Hmm... back in 2000, they didn't give an electric card, they would just give you a carton card to be stamped each time you order a meal or drink in every station. Since, the so-called technology development, they do less-paper. 

Yet, unlike the previous Marche style, each type of cuisine is divided in a different station. Briefly, when you want to eat pasta, you can simply find all of pasta cuisine choices in one station and if you want soup, just go to soup station. The same thing goes to drinks, cookies and anything else.

Just make sure you have gone all around and choose what to eat at the end... Too many tempting choices =P


An example of good communication tactics

My dear partner in crime, Ivan!

Still interested with this? I do
At least, they provide fun pages for children
My friend was interested too =)

My beef pasta!
Ivan's chicken pasta!

It was...reserved!

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...