Friday, May 27, 2011

Coming Back!

I think it has been couple times I changed this and that in my blog, before the major changing, which was stepping onto another blog, make a new name, tagline and concept. Now, I declare along with this post that I'm going to make some major changes.
First, I would step back (not with the URL) to The Interesting Stranger (with the same blog adresss, Naked and Caffeinated would be only history. Before people I ask why, I would like to share why I named it "Naked and Caffeinated". 
  • I'm a coffee addict until I hurt my kidney by having too much of it (everyday in my whole life)
  • Naked means literally without wearing anything when I'm writing. It might sound weird, funny or whatever, but somehow, I feel so goddamn creative when I'm without clothes intact.
  • Naked can be also meant to be honest. I didn't lie or try to cover anything wrong on what it is wrong with me and anything else.
  • Getting naked and having coffee make me write, at least, they actually make me able to concentrate and feel comfortable with my surrounding. Alone in my bedroom.
 That's what I mean with Naked and Caffeinated title. But ever since I have posted about my japanese Satanic doll, Irae (My Little Sister Irae-chan), look what has happened:

Hey baby, you just got stuck in my blog!

So, according to my blog statistic, many people used the keywords around 'naked', 'little', and 'sister'....they actually seek for porn! 

Thanks to the search engine for giving the wrong web, so the page views of my blog hit up a bit. Just a bit! Yes, a bit, literally! 

By this week, the page views to that specific blogpost has reached 3 clicks. I'm not here to judge. It's normal for seeking porn, anyway. But, I just don't feel it's nice to keep these people keep getting lost to my blog and only find disappointment here of not getting any naked pics. That's why, I decided to change the name. Then, the search engine wouldn't let them come to this blog with those three keywords. 

Maybe that wouldn't be much difference, but at least, it could make my blog less appearing in the results. Let's hope so! =)

Secondly (and the last), I've been thinking to merge my review blog to this blog of mine. It's going to be easier and more practical when I want to show my blog to someone or some people, or, even when I want to put a  link somewhere. Two blogs must need some more spaces and lines to be mentioned somewhere like in a business card, or even in the Twitter Bio's Website space. 

Yet, like what I have done to my first and previous blog, I would keep it alive, only it's not going to be updated. I'm also going to merge the review blog to this one. There have been so many memories that I can't just leave there. I want to bring them along. Those memories like the previous reviews and comments are meant to me. They would be in this blog, right on the same date they were published at first and the comments would come along, too. 

I'm going to figure out the whole preparation for this merging. I need to work on the navigation buttons so people can access easier to the post they need or want to read. There would be also publications and all, which could be complicated sometimes. Wish me luck! (if you ever read this)

...what happens in my bedroom, stays in my bedroom...

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